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Splunk is software that lets you search and analyze all your IT infrastructure data from a single location in real time.


Find out how our customers are using Splunk across all industries.

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See the latest additions to the Splunk customer base, and read case studies on how we're exceeding ROI expectations in nearly every department in which we're deployed.


Splunk works closely with a range of global partners to provide cutting edge integrated IT solutions in any environment.

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We build Splunk Apps and Add-ons alongside a thriving community of developers and partners using the Splunk API.


Splunk offers world-class support services as part of our license agreements, and a range of community support and documentation to our free customers.

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Ask a question or provide an answer on Splunk Answers. We're on here all the time, and you should be too.


We provide the original documentation for every Splunk release, but the default setting is the latest.


Visit the Splunk Wiki to learn more about the best ways to use Splunk, or contribute your own thoughts, experiences and guidelines.


Watch Splunk experts, developers and customers deploy Splunk, talk about the latest updates and answer important IT questions.


Splunk is software that lets you search and analyze all your IT infrastructure data from a single location in real time.

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Located at 250 Brannan Street on the sunny side of San Francisco, the Splunk headquarters are inhabited during normal West Coast office hours. Our regional departments worldwide ensure that you'll always be able to reach us in your locale.

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Our employee blogs are a great place to find insider information, user best practices and the occasional internet meme in action.

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Splunk is the award winning best-of-class software that invented IT search. Look here for the latest in industry news involving Splunk.

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We like to be social. Whether you've got a Splunk question or just want to say 'what's up?', you can reach us through the series of tubes called social media.

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