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Workload Pricing

Align what you pay for Splunk Platform with the insights you get from it. Pricing is based on the resources needed for the searches and processing you perform on your data. That means that it is more economical to bring more data into Splunk Platform before selectively searching those data.


Why Workload Pricing

This pricing approach is based on the amount of compute and storage resources required to run your workloads.  It allows you to bring vast amounts of data into Splunk for potential future investigations.


Increase your data flexibility

Expand the amount of data you can bring into Splunk Platform and avoid the need to be precise about predicting ingest volumes from the outset.

Gain greater control

Get clear visibility into the compute resource usage for your Splunk Platform workloads with our Cloud Monitoring Console (CMC). Prioritize your workloads using Workload Management.

Maximize your Splunk ROI

Optimize your workloads to free up capacity to do more with Splunk Platform. Workload Pricing lets you tie your spend directly to the value derived from data insights.

Splunk Virtual Compute (SVC)

A unit of processing capabilities composed of compute, memory and I/O used to index and search data.  The number of SVCs provisioned define the maximum processing capacity of your Splunk system.



The amount of storage space needed to store your data. Total storage requirement is a function of data volume and retention.


Size your SVC needs

To identify your SVC requirements, this calculator will help you assess your current and future workload needs and recommend the right number of SVCs.


Select a Workload Type from this drop down.

Workload Type descriptions


Select a Workload Type from the drop down and enter the expected daily ingested data in the box below.

Workload Type descriptions


Enter the expected daily ingested data by using the slider or entering it directly.

2 3

Here is the calculated SVC sizing needs estimate for you.


Select a Workload Type from the drop down and enter the expected daily ingested data in the box below.

Workload Type descriptions

Workload Types

The Workloads are the activities that you run against data that you have ingested into Splunk to extract insights and analysis.

GB Ingested Per Day


Here is the calculated SVC sizing needs estimate for you.

Calculation Summary

Estimated SVCs

*SVC Aggregate Total 0
GB Total 0

SVCs Above Represent

x% Better Value

Than Ingest Pricing For Your Data Management Needs

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*Please note that this value is simply an estimate. There are a variety of factors that could influence the actual amount of SVCs that you would be provisioned with Splunk. A few examples of such factors include changing or unknown use cases, and the proportion of Indexers to Search Heads allotted for your entitlement.

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Workload Pricing aligns your investment with how you derive insights from your data. Pricing is based on the resources used for search and analytics workloads rather than the data volume ingested. Gain visibility into your license usage and control how your total compute capacity gets used across various use cases and Splunk capabilities. 

Workload Pricing is flexible and able to scale as your needs and use cases change and evolve. The primary pricing factor is the compute capacity used for search and analytics workloads. Workloads are measured with Splunk Virtual Compute (SVCs) units and storage required.

Annual subscriptions are available for Splunk Cloud Platform. Term licenses are available for on-premises products.

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