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Subject matter experts (SMEs)

Share your knowledge and passion about Splunk by helping develop Splunk certification exams.

Become an SME


Level up your peers’ Splunk knowledge with your insights

Help create and maintain Splunk certification exams. Write exam questions. Review items offered by others. Use performance data to determine cut scores for certification, and use your understanding of Splunk to grow expertise across the industry.




Be a part of the learning process

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Ensure industry standards

Share your expertise and practical knowledge to help elevate industry knowledge.

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Get recertified

As a Splunk SME, you may qualify for your own recertification.

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Learn Universal Design

Receive training on best practices and principles of Universal Design for question development.


Help create and maintain exams

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Evaluate content

Review course content and associated skills to help define what the exam will include and create the exam blueprint.

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Author exam items

Receive training on how to write exam items for content identified in the exam blueprint.

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Review exam items

Offer insights, edit and approve exam items provided by other SMEs for quality and accuracy.

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Set standards

Work with a third-party psychometrician to set exam cut scores using data on how exam takers perform.


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