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Communications & Media

Build resilient digital systems to power stronger connections

Maintain reliable connections, ensure secure and efficient operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Secure, reliable digital services for Communications & Media

The Splunk platform automatically correlates and analyzes data, which has made incident response two to three times faster than before.

Mendsaikhan Amarjargal CISO, Unitel Group

Enhance the customer experience

Deliver high performance and innovation to meet customer expectations.

  • Build end-to-end views for a deep understanding of the customer journey.
  • Better understand your apps, infrastructure and UX to accelerate development.
  • Test and deploy new apps and updates without disrupting existing systems.

Protect against persistent threats

Keep your expanding digital systems secure for customers, employees and suppliers.

  • Target anomalous activity in real time and resolve impact immediately.
  • Gain full view of all digital touchpoints to find key security risks.
  • Isolate indicators of subscriber fraud and automate actions to block criminal activity.

Maintain reliable customer-facing services

Improve performance of digital systems across dynamic and complex environments.

  • Reduce latency and improve performance with real-time edge computing.
  • Prevent network outages that affect customers with predictive health scores.
  • Proactively monitor customer-facing applications to resolve incidents quickly.

Optimize investments and find efficiencies

Consolidate and collaborate to drive innovation.

  • Streamline operations across SecOps, ITOps and engineering.
  • Increase efficiencies of services and applications.
  • Eliminate duplicate tasks with shared tooling for detection, investigation and response.

Get to high value actions with Splunk Professional Services

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