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Splunk has partnered with Booz Allen Hamilton to offer an innovative cyber intelligence service that empowers security analysts with advanced tools that help more rapidly mitigate and remediate threats. By merging the analytics-driven security of Splunk with the human-curated intelligence of Booz Allen Hamilton, the two companies have created a new intelligence feed that gives threat hunters greater power to not only detect and manage threats but anticipate the adversary’s next move.

Cyber4Sight (C4S) for Splunk seamlessly fuses the best of two worlds — the most advanced Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform by Splunk with Booz Allen’s preeminent legacy of intelligence tradecraft — allowing security analysts to detect and triage threats with greater precision and speed. Mission-focused, C4S provides actionable intelligence across the full spectrum of threats to proactively protect computer systems.

C4S enriches Splunk with valuable data collected by Booz Allen’s diverse group of expert security analysts, providing:

  • Intelligence monitoring services and full-text intelligencer reports culled from over 170,000 targeted sources from the open and closed internet
  • A wealth of human-curated information on threat actors, including profiles, motives, Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), and Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs)
  • Automated correlation of threat-centric intelligence with security events within the Splunk interface to more rapidly prioritize alerts

Booz Allen Cyber4Sight® for Splunk: Security and Peace of Mind

Booz Allen Cyber4Sight for Splunk is a threat intel solution that offers actionable intelligence to anticipate attacks. Cyber4Sight provides security professionals with the context needed to detect, investigate, and protect against cyber threats.

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