3 Must-Haves for Managing Multicloud Complexity

A guide for CIOs, CTOs and CISOs on their cloud journey

Today, 93% of organizations rely on multiple clouds, according to an IDC survey, posing a unique set of challenges to IT and DevOps teams across organizations. From an ever-growing attack surface to the poor visibility and control across sprawling infrastructure, the challenges can be daunting. But those same complexity challenges also pose an opportunity.

For organizations that have embarked on their cloud journey and want to tap into the opportunity, a data backbone is necessary. Fortunately, it’s attainable through use of all the new data being generated — providing holistic visibility, bolstering security and boosting the bottom line.

Organizations who have taken a data-driven approach to managing multicloud complexity have experienced the following outcomes:

  • Significant increases in security automation, resulting in countless hours saved
  • Decrease in incident response workload, letting teams detect problems in minutes versus days
  • Increase in assets monitored and data analyzed

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