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3 Must-Haves for Managing Multicloud Complexity

A guide for CIOs, CTOs and CISOs on their cloud journey

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Virtually all organizations today are already operating in a multicloud or hybrid cloud environment. However, the supporting systems that ensure success haven’t kept pace.  

Security, IT and DevOps teams are realizing that their previous approaches to monitoring and troubleshooting are not sufficient for the new, more complex cloud landscape. Organizations must change how they manage across their environments and put in place a data backbone.   

With the right data backbone, organizations see outcomes such as:

  • Enhanced security across a larger attack surface: 40x increase in assets monitored and an eight-fold increase in data analyzed per day
  • Improved observability and reduction in performance issues: 99% decrease in incident response workload
  • Innovation across distributed ecosystems: Additional choice and flexibility, plus more time freed up for teams building new products for customers

Read more in this guide to learn what capabilities are needed to power a data backbone and successfully secure, operate and innovate in multicloud and hybrid cloud environments.

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