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Splunk and McLaren team up
Competing on the F1 race track takes speed, agility and focus. You have to see and react — fast. Splunk helps McLaren’s drivers improve performance and maximize every millisecond.
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"Splunk is critical for our on- and off-track performance. You need both because if we're not competitive off track, we won't be competitive on track."
Zak Brown CEO, McLaren Racing
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Transforming real-time data into high-octane insights


Helping McLaren drivers win on the virtual track, too

The McLaren Shadow Esports team relies on Splunk's Unified Security and Observability Platform to power data analysis, live dashboards, support for the F1 Esports Series and more. 


Gaining an edge over the competition

Explore our video series to see more of Splunk’s partnership with McLaren in action.

mclaren-thumb-it-rig mclaren-thumb-it-rig

The IT Rig

With data streaming off the newly designed McLaren F1 car, we’ve taken a look at what’s often referred to as the “third car” — the all-important IT Rig. 

mclaren-thumb-back2basics mclaren-thumb-back2basics

Back to Basics

Hear from engineers, analysts and a certain F1 driver — Daniel Ricciardo — to uncover how data keeps the team moving.

mclaren-thumb-eng-driving-school mclaren-thumb-eng-driving-school

Engineer Driving School

Race engineer turns driver as Lando and Daniel dig into the data to help their engineer improve their virtual racing. 


Rev your resilience

Splunk helps organizations keep their systems up and running with the Unified Security and Observability Platform.

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