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Alert Noise Reduction

Reduce unplanned downtime, gain insight and find probable root cause by grouping and prioritizing alerts from your existing tools.

ITSI Episode Review showing total alert noise reduction


Tons of data makes it hard to find the signal in the noise

A surplus of tools and siloed teams makes for an onslaught of alerts, many of which are duplicate, making finding the root cause and resolving incidents extremely difficult. The result is unplanned downtime, reactive response and staff burnout.


Reduce Alert Noise with Splunk IT Service Intelligence

reduce-time-to-detect reduce-time-to-detect

Quickly ingest data from any source

Easily onboard existing 3rd party monitoring data and alerts into Splunk ITSI.

reduce-time-to-detect reduce-time-to-detect

See all your alerts in one place

Correlate and analyze data from the monitoring, event and incident management tools you use today. 

reduce-time-to-detect reduce-time-to-detect

Reduce alert noise

Group and prioritize alerts to reduce alert/event noise by more than 90%, driving faster RCA.

Splunk IT Service Intelligence Integrations

Get up and running fast

Easily onboard existing 3rd party monitoring data into Splunk ITSI using Splunkbase’s 2,800+ data integrations and content packs and start grouping alerts right out of the box.

Read how Leido's improved their event management with Splunk.

This is the first time I’ve been truly able to do heterogeneous, up-and-down-the-stack monitoring of my IT environment because Splunk has all the data and allows me to search it all in the same way.

Don Mahler, Director of Performance Management, Leidos

Reduce inefficiencies with a combined view of all your alerts

Correlate and analyze data from the monitoring, event and incident management tools you’re already using. See all your alerts in one place for faster MTTR and MTTD without jumping between tools or ripping and replacing existing investments.

Episode review in Splunk IT Service Intelligence
Adaptive thresholding in Splunk IT Service Intelligence

Intelligent alerting and correlation

Splunk ITSI helps ITOps teams intelligently alert on and correlate events to quickly group, prioritize and analyze log, metric, and event data from Splunk and 3rd-party sources.

Read how Splunk Ensures Performance of Key Trading Application at ENGIE Global Markets.

With machine learning in Splunk ITSI, we don’t have to create thresholds manually to measure performance of each server. We can adapt them dynamically to account for expected performance variances. This eliminates the cost of frequent configuration and tuning and frees our team to focus on triage on actual incidents before they impact end user experience.

Head of Infrastructure, ENGIE Global Markets

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Get More out of Splunk with Splunkbase

Splunk Cloud Platform and Splunk Enterprise support 2,800 + applications that expand Splunk’s capabilities — all available for free on Splunkbase.

Learn more about IT Service Intelligence

Because of the exponential growth of IT and business systems data over the last several years, it is now much more difficult for ITOps teams to make sense of all the data from potentially hundreds of business critical services, underlying infrastructure, packaged applications environments (SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, etc.), and third-party domain managers. All of these systems and tools are creating alerts. Like finding a needle in a haystack, the sheer amount of data and alerts make it impossible for any human to group and prioritize what’s important and determine signal from noise. This all causes alert fatigue, which results in frustrated ITOps teams, delays finding and resolving incidents and higher ticketing cost for IT Operations Centers.

In a growingly complex context due to increasing amount of data, ITOps teams are struggling with alert fatigue, lack understanding of business service performance and prolonged unplanned downtime. Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) helps them reduce alert noise, improve understanding of how IT metrics impact business services and KPIs, as well as to proactively prevent incidents and minimize unplanned downtime.

Splunk ITSI is a premium product built for Splunk Enterprise or Cloud. ITSI provides real-time and predictive performance dashboards to monitor service health and integrates with IT service management (ITSM) and orchestration tools like Splunk On-Call and Splunk’s automation technology, so teams can monitor, detect, respond and resolve incidents allfrom one place.

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Proactively prevent outages with AIOps and bolster your IT strategy.