Search, Filter and Correlate

Search for keywords and filter through any data set. Group together related events and correlate across disparate systems.


Video Transcript


Need to find the needle in the haystack, or root cause of a problem? Splunk Search Processing Language, or SPL, can help you make sense of your machine data whether it is structured, like these Windows events, or unstructured, like some of these other events. For example, search for keywords such as error or failure over thousands of devices and data types over time, see what hosts the errors are coming from, and zoom in to specific time ranges to focus on an uptick in events.

Filter down to specific devices or different data types to narrow down your results. Additionally, focus on specific criteria to pinpoint problems, and quickly visualize your results using the same language. Build transactions to group together related events across disparate systems, and search for high duration times between these events to identify issues. Then visualize these results to understand process flows and optimize your business operations. Learn more about Splunk Search Processing language at