Purchased Software with Active Support Subscription:

Splunk provides full Support, including, when available, updates, bug fixes and maintenance releases for twenty-four (24) months from the then-current major or minor release in accordance with Splunk’s Support Terms and Conditions.  For example, Splunk will support Splunk Enterprise 7.0 for 2 years after Splunk Enterprise 7.0 is released and when 7.1 is released, 7.1 will be supported for two years from the date of that release.  Similarly, Splunk will support Splunk IT Service Intelligence 2.6.1 for 2 years after Splunk IT Service Intelligence 2.6.0 was released. 


NOTE:  This does not impact the Customers on versions 6.x or prior of Splunk Enterprise who are entitled to receive support from Splunk on then-current major release and the next major release or twenty-four months from the then-current major release, whichever period is longer.  To illustrate, below are the release dates for specific versions of Splunk Enterprise:


Release Version

Release Date

Supported Until

End of Support Criteria




Oct. 30th, 2012


Nov. 30th 2017


7.0 Release




Oct. 1st, 2013



8.0 Release




May 6th 2014



8.0 Release




Oct. 7th, 2014



8.0 Release




Sept. 22nd, 2015



8.0 Release




April 5th, 2016



8.0 Release




Sept. 27th, 2016



8.0 Release




May 2, 2017



8.0 Release




Sept. 26th 2017


Sept. 26th 2019


24 months




April 24th 2018


April 24th 2020


24 months




Oct 2nd, 2018


Oct 2nd, 2020


24 months


Notwithstanding the foregoing, for the Splunk UBA software, Splunk will provide support for the most current version of Splunk UBA plus the prior two releases, whether a minor or major release, or one year from the delivery of the license key, whichever period is longer.

Splunk Extensions:

If any Splunk Extension (Splunk apps and add-ons on Splunkbase) is supported by Splunk, Splunk will provide to Customer with an active support subscription, an initial response and acknowledgement in accordance with P3 terms to any support request. No support is provided by Splunk when the Splunk Extension is “community supported” or not supported.

Splunk may, from time to time, bundle or package certain Extensions with Purchased Software for the convenience of Customers without charging any additional fee for the bundled Extensions. In that case, Splunk will have no obligation to provide support for the Extensions that Customer otherwise is not entitled to receive support. For example, if certain add-ons or apps are packaged with Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Light in a new SKU without additional fees attributable to those add-ons or apps, Splunk will provide support for Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Light only, in accordance with the Support Terms and Conditions and not for the add-ons and apps that are bundled for the convenience of Customers.

Free Software:

Splunk does not provide maintenance or support for Free Software or to Customers with no active support subscription.

Splunk does not support compatibility with any third-party platforms, systems or components that are no longer supported by their manufacturers. For example, Splunk will discontinue support for Splunk Enterprise running on Microsoft Windows 8 when Microsoft ends its mainstream support of that platform.

Splunk is not obligated to ensure backward compatibility of its premium solutions or other Splunk Extensions with a prior version of Splunk Enterprise. We encourage Customers to use the latest version of our Software as much as possible.

Third-party content or partner apps on Splunkbase are not supported by Splunk.