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The Rising AI Tide: Achieving Digital Resilience

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Organizations of every type are going all in on AI. In a recent survey by Foundry on behalf of Splunk, approximately 80% of respondents said they were already using AI in production. Most of the remaining 20% were actively testing or investigating AI solutions.

To achieve positive business outcomes from AI, it’s critical to set priorities and confront obstacles within a comprehensive planning framework. Early decisions can make or break a long-term AI strategy.

This survey of public and private sector IT decision makers yielded insightful observations into how organizations already use AI technologies to advance their missions.

Download your complimentary copy of the research report to learn about:

  • The main drivers of AI implementation, including automation to increase productivity.
  • How the recent proliferation of LLMs like ChatGPT has sparked work around increasing trust in AI.
  • Moving cybersecurity efforts forward with AI, and respondents’ confidence in its ability to reduce human error.

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