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Shirt Show


"Can you say synergy? Please, don't."


"Fans of shirts and shows will love this!"


"A wonderfully decent show."


"I like turtles."


Let’s do some shirt!

At Splunk, our t-shirts are almost as popular as our software. In fact, people joke that Splunk is actually a t-shirt company that makes software on the side. Well, here’s the deal... It’s no joke. Welcome to the Splunk T-Shirt Company.



The shirtiest in t-shirt marketing.

Introducing STSC

If you like t-shirts (or at least own one) you should know about the Splunk T-Shirt Company.


Stop wasting money on t-shirts! Our new subscription service scales as your needs change.


Feeling blue? Put a spring in your step with Splunk Happiness Enhancement Technology.

Shirt Talkin': Fan Mail

Check out our very first podcast. But please don’t mention the unmentionable shirt.

How to Sell a T-Shirt

Wanna crush your numbers? Check out these five tips. You won’t get them anywhere else!


Want a better way to buy stuff? Check out the latest innovation in peer-to-peer currency.

How to Connect with Customers

Want to make a long-lasting impression? Make their day extra special with an unexpected gift.

Zero-Trust Security

How do you stay secure in a world full of threats? Follow Shelly’s three simple steps to zero-trust.

snack week

Shirt Show

Go behind the shirts at STSC.

Episode 1: The Intro

A new intern reports for duty as Shelly and the media team embark on a documentary project.

Episode 2: Sendur Out

After Shelly invites him to a brainstorming session, Sendur makes an abrupt career change.

Episode 3: People People

An important new executive arrives at STSC as Tori takes a bold step up the corporate ladder.

Episode 4: Friend Cake

Shelly's efforts to befriend Margaret are derailed by a faulty weapon from a galaxy far, far away.

Episode 5: Snack Week

Shelly and Frank make last-minute preparations on the eve of their favorite annual event.

Episode 6: Family Matters

Frank thinks he’s on the brink of an office romance and Tori makes a big announcement.

Episode 7: Recruiting

After a budget mishap, Shelly has less than a day and no money to finish a recruiting video.


Episode 8: Leadership

Facing pressure from above and Tori going out on leave, Shelly makes an unusual career move.

snack week


We put the "t" in team.


Shelly Kornbloom

VP Marketing Special Ops & Catering

Shelly is STSC’s most ardent evangelist. When he’s not selling t-shirts or mentoring young shirtmakers, he enjoys butchering foreign languages and photographing livestock.



Media Studio Manager

Tori is the Media Studio’s operational hub. She has achieved proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, G Suite, MS Office Suite and a bunch of other sweet software. She’s also a skilled doodler.



[Title Unknown]

Frank wandered into STSC one day, grabbed a desk and started Googling stuff. Today, he spends most of his time snacking and napping. He is Shelly's aide-de-camp.



Corporate Communications

When Reyna showed up at kindergarten in a power suit, it was clear she’d go far. If she’s not at work, Reyna enjoys commuting to work, reading work emails and thinking about work.



SVP Social Media Marketing

From Farcebook to Envygram, Olivia hearts social media. She feels #blessed for getting paid to do what she loves. She and her influencer pup @shirtdog enjoy #longwalks and finding great #selfie spots.



VP Legal Affairs

Larry has been with STSC for years. He loves the people, the pretzels and the selection of pens. If his office door is closed, chances are he's memorizing courtroom scenes from movies and TV shows.



SVP Human Resources

A Silicon Valley veteran, Margaret is a true people person. Meetings are her happy place. When away from her “work family,” she loves banjo festivals, intimate 15-person dinners and the middle seat.




Sendur is a graduate of UCSD and holds an MBA in Finance from Cornell. Prior to joining the STSC internship program, Sendur worked at Morgan Stanley where he was VP for investment banking.