Getting Started with Splunk Cloud

Index and search thousands of events in seconds.
First Things First: Getting Data In
Use a sample dataset or bring in your own — the choice is yours.
Scripted Learning Paths
Splunk Search Tutorial

Follow our step-by-step guide through the basics of Splunk Cloud. No pressure — this guide uses a sample dataset, so you can get up-to-speed on Splunk quickly.

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Splunk Fundamentals

Learn the ins and outs of Splunk from one of our own expert instructors in this self-paced eLearning class. 

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Forge your own path
Search and Dashboards
Getting your data in is just the beginning — its what you do with it that counts.
Reports and Alerting
Splunk Cloud's robust reporting and alerting capabilities can help you get back to what's important.
Beyond the Basics
Look no further than these use cases, curated by our best practices team, to see how you can use Splunk Cloud.
Use Cases
IT Operations Analytics Use Cases

These use cases suggest how to get data in, search for insights and fine-tune results from across your operations infrastructure using a single diagnostic platform.

Best Practices

Use the Splunk best practices index to discover methods for deploying, administering and extracting more value from your data with Splunk Cloud. All of the best practices indexed here are gathered from Splunk customers, partners and employees.

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