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The Essential Guide to Protecting Against Supply Chain Attacks

How to detect and protect against the top 5 threats associated with cyberattacks like SolarWinds

Splunk Security Cloud

Modernize your security operations with a best-in-class data platform, advanced analytics, and automated response.

Observability is the key to improving your MTTR

Threat Hunter Intelligence Report: Malware

Stay up to date on the latest cybersecurity threats and trends

3 Must-Haves for Managing Multicloud Complexity

A guide for CIOs, CTOs and CISOs on their cloud journey

Fraud Detective and the Case of the Pandemic Unemployment Insurance Con

Fraud detective and the case of unemployment insurance con

Splunk and Zscaler Utilize Data and Zero Trust to Eradicate Threats

Splunk and Zscaler have partnered to deliver a superior, Zero Trust approach to security

Splunk IT Cloud Solution Guide

Learn How Splunk Helps Prevent Service Interruptions and Reduces Mean Time to Restore Services

Splunk Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Real-Time Visibility and Monitoring With Google Cloud and Splunk

Monitoring modern infrastructure and services in Google Cloud with Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring

How to Optimize Digital Experience With Service-Level Objectives

Learn to make informed decisions about DEM in an increasingly cloud-dominated world.

Leveraging CDM to Drive Federal Cyber Strategies

Learn how CDM is poised to your agency establish a more comprehensive security posture.

2021 Gartner Market Guide for AIOps Platforms

Read Gartner's recommendations on how to optimize IT operations to drive business value

12 Immutable Rules for Observability

What you need to know to find an exceptional observability solution

A Guide to Embracing a Zero Trust Security Model

Learn about the zero trust security model and how to implement it so you can keep your systems safe.

Always On: A Guide to Modern Digital Service Management

Successfully deliver services with a proactive approach to technology and processes.

Splunk Service Assurance Solutions for Communication Service Providers

Splunk and Celonis partner together to use powerful technology called Process Mining to help companies understand and improve their business processes

A Vision for Data-Driven Government

This paper aims to propose a vision for a holistic government data platform, driven by a shared real-time public sector data fabric.

Splunk Contact Center Analytics and Amazon Connect

IDC's Current Challenges to Creating Business Outcomes Through Digital Transformation

IDC's Current Challenges to Creating Business Outcomes Through Digital Transformation Analyst Report

Maximize Resiliency and Productivity with AIOps

Learn how Splunk uses machine learning to delivery resiliency and productivity

Credential Reuse Attacks in Cloud-Connected Environments

Learn how OAuth2 and SAML credentials operate and how credential extraction attacks work within the perimeter and between cloud environments.

APIs in Action

Learn about the importance of APIs and how to monitor them effectively.

How 5G Can Elevate the Customer Experience

Discover how 5G can elevate the customer experience for retail and telecom providers

Sanofi Monitors Infrastructure With Splunk

Sanofi monitors global infrastructure with Splunk

GigaOm Radar for Cloud Observability, 2021

Splunk’s observability solutions earn top ranking above all vendors

2020 Trends in Customer Experience & Modern Retail Services

Creating a customer-centric digital platform

Top 5 Things to Consider When Replacing a Legacy SIEM

Hybrid and Multicloud Transform IT Monitoring Strategies by IDC

Combat Digital Security Threats to the Supply Chain

Splunk Workload Pricing

Gain more value with workload pricing for Splunk Cloud Platform

Making the Case for Machine Learning in Manufacturing

Report by IDC Research

Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring

DevOps and Observability Best Practices

Virtual Event

Splunk Real-Time Kubernetes Monitoring

Splunk APM

Monitoring Microservices on Kubernetes

Guide to Protecting Against Supply Chain Attacks

Real-Time API Monitoring and Testing

Data, Security and Digital Citizen Services Post Covid-19

API Monitoring: The Basics

The Guide to Modern APM

What you need to know about APM essentials for your cloud-native journey

Splunk Service Intelligence for SAP® Solutions

Gain real-time understanding of service performance with glass table visualizations to quickly identify and resolve issues.

Public Sector Security in a Modern World: Implementing a Zero Trust Mentality

Learn what your agency needs to implement a zero trust architecture and enhance your security posture.

Top 5 SIEM Trends to Watch in 2021

From threat visibility to risk-based alerts, here's what to look out for in security incident and event management.

Operational Excellence in Telecoms with Modern Data Platforms by CCS Insight

Only by harnessing data with the right platform can you drive business insights and outcomes for operational excellence.

The CIO's Guide to the Future of Intelligence by IDC

Tips for delivering end-to-end business intelligence across your organization

Highlights from Splunk.conf20: Richer Cloud, Observability, ML, and Security Capabilities to Fuel Data-Driven Innovation

Analyst Report

IT Executive Focus: Splunk .conf20: Record Attendees and High Product Interest Set Up Transformational Customer Opportunities

Analyst Report

IT Essentials - Learn Product Brief

View, access and manage Splunk dashboards on Apple, Android, or Fire TVs

The CIO's Guide to Aligning IT Strategy with the Business

White Paper

Forrester Wave: Security Analytics Platforms, Q4 2020

2020 Forrester Wave for Security Analytics Platforms

5 Things to Consider When Choosing an APM Tool

Make informed decisions about APM tools in a cloud-dominated world

COVID-19 pandemic likely to cause US telemedicine boom

Analyst Brief by 451 Research

A Blueprint for Modern Monitoring by IDC

Analyst Report

What’s Cooking?

Recipes for bringing data to everything

Proactive Intelligence

Lowering the Barriers to Actionable Insight From Operational Data

What You Haven't Considered About Managing Multicloud

Learn how to operate and innovate in multicloud environments in CIO Magazine's new white paper, What You Haven’t Considered About Managing Multicloud, by David Linthicum.

Transforming for the Future: How Industry Leaders Harness the Power of Cloud

Transforming for the Future reveals how leading organizations are becoming cloud-first businesses to innovate faster and become more efficient.

Splunk Data Security Predictions 2021

Our data experts consider security amid unprecedented digital acceleration

Splunk Emerging Tech Predictions 2021

Our data experts examine cutting-edge tech and rapid digital acceleration

Splunk IT Operations Predictions 2021

Our data experts on IT Ops amid unprecedented digital acceleration

Predictions 2021: Executive Report

Our data experts on leading through unprecedented digital acceleration

Innovation Insight for Observability by Gartner

Learn about observability and how to achieve it so you can reap the benefits.

The State of Cloud-Driven Transformation

HBR Analytic Services discuss the keys to accelerating and capitalizing on cloud adoption

Accelerating Zero Trust in Government

Enhancing your agency’s security posture resiliency in today’s de-perimeterized landscape.

Top 5 Highlights From .conf20

Don't miss out on the best from .conf20.

Top 5 Security Highlights From Splunk .conf20

Read our top five highlights from .conf20 including some of the newest capabilities from across Splunk’s security solutions.

SOAR Helps Understaffed Teams Work More Efficiently

A 2020 EMA analyst report shares top findings of how SOAR technology has been critical in helping understaffed teams.

Accelerating the DOD Mission With Data Analytics

Remove barriers and bend the DCO and JADC2 power and pricing curve.

SOAR Helps Understaffed Teams Work More Efficiently

A 2020 EMA analyst report shares top findings of how SOAR technology has been critical in helping understaffed teams.

Service Intelligence for SAP® Solutions

Learn how to get end-to-end visibility into SAP technology stacks

Splunk for Infrastructure Monitoring and Troubleshooting Solution Guide

Real-time troubleshooting and monitoring for all environments

Splunk Elevates DevSecOps Strategy With Visibility and Action

Embark on Your Risk-Based Alerting Journey With Splunk

Reduce alert volume and enhance security operations

Splunk TV Product Brief

View, access and manage Splunk dashboards on Apple, Android or Fire TVs

Splunk Machine Learning Environment (SMLE) Product Brief

Workbench for advanced analytics, data science and machine learning natively built in Splunk

The Essential Guide to Machine Learning on the Stream

Embrace streaming analytics to get faster results and more value from data.

Top 50 Threats

Learn about the latest security threats.

Service Intelligence for SAP® Solutions

Learn how to get end-to-end visibility into SAP technology stacks

Splunk for Manufacturing

Learn how the manufacturing industry is using data to gain increased visibility into supply chains

The Benefits of Security Operations Consolidation

ESG surveyed 300 IT professionals about their organization's thoughts on the need for integrated SecOps.

Splunk TV Product Brief

View, access and manage Splunk dashboards on Apple, Android or Fire TVs

Splunk for EIS

Delight agencies with successful EIS Deployments

Pioneers of the Data Age

How leading organizations bring data to everything.

The Essential Guide to JADC2

Only by harnessing your data with the right platform will your defense strategies succeed.

G2 Relationship Index Report for SIEM Fall 2020

Compare SIEM vendors

Splunk Mobile Product Brief

Analyze data and receive actionable alerts on-the-go with mobile-friendly dashboards

IDC Worldwide IT Operations Analytics Software Market Shares, 2019

Get an Insider’s View of the ITOA Software Market

How to Manage a Hybrid and Multicloud Environment

Learn how Splunk and Google Cloud are ideal for hybrid and multicloud environments

G2 Grid® Report for SIEM Fall 2020

Compare leading SIEM vendors

Why Splunk Phantom?

See how Splunk Phantom helps you respond faster, work smarter, and strengthen your defenses.

Creating a DevOps-Centric Business Culture

How to monitor microservices running on Kubernetes

Gartner: Best Practices for Running Containers and Kubernetes in Production

Overcome operational complexity and confidently adopt containers and Kubernetes in production.

Stronger Connections Through Data

Enhancing customer experience and boosting revenue with the power of analytics.

Performing Your Best In the Virtual Age

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) keeps software and gaming companies a level above.

Migrating to Splunk Cloud Tech Brief

Resources and tools for your migration journey from Splunk on-premises to Splunk Cloud

Accelerating Your Cloud-driven Transformation With Splunk

Create the right data strategy for your cloud journey

The Unexpected Challenges of Cloud Transformation

Overcome the challenges of cloud transformation with the right data strategy and platform

EMA Radar Report: AIOps - A Guide for Investing in Innovation

Splunk Recognized as Value Leader by EMA

Breaking Down Barriers to Successful Machine Learning Adoption

Learn how organizations are deploying Machine Learning

Splunk Security for Hybrid and Multicloud Infrastructures

Create a strong, unified cloud security strategy

Modern IT Management With AIOps

Embrace digital transformation with Splunk

Splunk for Securing Cloud Migration

Accelerate your cloud journey with a modern SOC

Beyond Security Events and Compliance With Splunk

Learn how Splunk maps to CIP standards.

Business Service Insights Solution Guide

Improve Service Availability and End User Experience By Preventing Issues Before They Happen

451 Research: IT Monitoring Meltdown

Just 11% of Decision-Makers are Satisfied With Their Monitoring Tools

The Data Age Is Here. Are You Ready?

Global research defines a new era of data challenges (and opportunities.)

The Essential Guide to Container Observability

Discover the ins and outs of container monitoring and observability with AWS and Splunk.

A Blueprint for Bringing Data to Every Part of Higher Education

Enterprise data platforms can help academic institutions succeed in uncertain times and beyond.

Splunk AR Product Brief

Learn more about Splunk Augmented Reality (AR)

Splunk Go: Resources for your success

Your one stop shop for the answers and guidance to learn, get help and play with Splunk

Splunk for Public Sector Digital Services

Prevent service health degradation for improved citizen experiences

How Data Can Help Us Get Back to School Safely

Reopening campuses safely requires a proactive approach to data

How to Design Your Security Operations Center (SOC) to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Learn how Splunk can help make your SOC smarter to stay ahead of security threats.

Splunk for Contact Center Analytics

Drive exceptional customer service with holistic monitoring

Strengthening Security During COVID-19 With Splunk Phantom

Gain real-time visibility into disparate, remote-work-enabling systems and determine if indicators from the Phantom event are COVID-19 related

Using Modern IT Service Delivery Practices to Drive KPI-Defined Business

Read this IDC report to learn best practices for aligning service health to key business metrics

Protecting Operational Technology With Splunk

Create a high-performing IT and OT security practice

How to Turn Your Data Into Business Outcomes

Deliver great business outcomes by harnessing data with the Data-to-Everything Platform on Google Cloud

HIPAA, Hacks and Healthcare Horrors

A whimsical guide to improving hospital security and patient outcomes

Splunk and PSFK Omnichannel Optimization Report

Only by harnessing your data with the right platform will your omnichannel strategies succeed

G2 Relationship Index for SIEM Summer 2020

Compare real-user satisfaction scores between leading SIEM vendors.

G2 Grid® Report for Security Information and Event Management

Splunk ranked #1 SIEM solution for the 6th consecutive quarter

Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for APM

Gartner has recognized Splunk as a Visionary in the Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (APM).

Six Cloud Strategy Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

The cloud’s greatest benefits can quickly become drawbacks without a strong cloud strategy

G2 Momentum Grid Report for SIEM

Splunk is the Momentum leader in G2’s SIEM Momentum Report.

Is Your Application Performance Monitoring Tool Cutting Corners?

Discover the power of full-fidelity, complete trace ingestion for modern APM

How Splunk Can Drive Your Data Strategy in the Fight Against Financial Crime

A six-stage framework to strengthen your financial crime efforts using Splunk.

On the Hunt for Data: A Look at the Evolving Financial Crime Landscape in the Digital Age

A look at the top threats to financial institutions

G2 Enterprise Relationship Index for SIEM | Summer 2020

Compare Leading Enterprise SIEM Vendors and Their User Satisfactory Scores.

G2 Grid® Report for Enterprise SIEM Summer 2020

Compare SIEM vendors and discover why Splunk was ranked No. 1

Preparing for the Future of Data: The Data-to-Everything Platform Emerges

This IDC report examines the future of data and its impact on business and technology executives

Data and the Future of Defense

Only by harnessing your data with the right platform will your defense strategies succeed

451 Research: The Right Observability Tool Improves Customer Experience, and the Bottom Line

How Observability and APM can protect customer experience and drive revenue

Gartner Report: Market Share Analysis: ITOM, Performance Analysis Software, Worldwide, 2019

Splunk Ranked #1 in Overall Performance Analysis Software Market

Worldwide IT Operations Management Software Market Shares, 2019

Splunk Ranked #1 for the 2nd Year in a Row in Overall ITOM Market Share and Revenue

The The 10 Essential Capabilities of a Best-of-Breed SOAR

Work smarter and respond to threats faster using orchestration and automation

Splunk for Media Service Providers

Deliver consistent, secure and reliable experiences across all platforms for your subscribers

Why Your Cloud Strategy Needs a Data Strategy

Only by harnessing your data with the right platform will your cloud strategies succeed

APM Redefined: Face DevOps Challenges Head-On

Discover why teams are unlocking the power of modern APM and Observability.

FedRAMP up with Splunk Cloud

Drive Confident Decisions and Actions With Splunk

The Essential Guide to Foundational Security Procedures

Implement standard security procedures for a strong, consistent, and functional SOC

15 Ways to Use Splunk for Trading Operations

Ways to overcome 15 of the top IT, security and business trading operations challenges

G2 Enterprise Relationship Index for SIEM Spring 2020

Compare enterprise SIEM vendors and their customer satisfaction ratings.

What's Your Data Really Worth?

Cross-industry research quantifies how much value data can add to the bottom line.

G2 Relationship Index for SIEM Spring 2020

Compare SIEM vendors and their customer satisfaction ratings.

Splunk Tools for Telework

Navigating the New Normal for Higher Education Organizations

Splunk Telehealth and Telemedicine Monitoring

Discover how Splunk can help with the provision of patient care

Harden Your Defenses With Security Analytics

Analyze data in real time with the right SIEM approach

Modernizing Retail With Splunk

Creating successful data-driven solutions across the retail landscape

Splunk Solutions for COVID-19 Response

Navigating the pandemic for Public Sector agencies — maximize telework for mission continuity

The Future of Maintenance

Revolutionizing industrial operations with the Internet of Things

Identify where the gaps are in your security stack

Navigate high value activities and high fidelity threats

G2 Grid® Report for SIEM Spring 2020

Compare SIEM vendors and learn why Splunk was ranked as a leader.

How to Uplevel Your Defenses With Security Analytics

Find out what you (and your SIEM) are missing and how to harden your defenses.

The Essential Guide to Container Monitoring

Discover the importance of effectively monitoring container deployments

10 Essential Capabilities of a Modern SOC

Navigate high value activities and high fidelity threats

The Power of Data in Retail

Navigating the challenges of modern retail operations

Splunk for CMMC

Discover how Splunk can help with Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

6 Myths of AIOps Debunked

Cut through the hype and learn how to bring value to your business with AIOps

Unified Cloud Infrastructure Data Model

Perform analytics across AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, operationalizing and strengthening your cloud security posture.

G2 Grid® Report for Security Information and Event Management

Find out why Splunk was ranked no. 1

Forrester Study: The Total Economic Impact™ of Splunk for Security Operations

Discover your potential ROI with Spunk

Shaping America’s Future

The U.S. Census Bureau powers its first digital census with Splunk.

The Essential Guide to AIOps

Everything you need to start transforming your IT Operations.

Ransomware, Malware and Cyberthreats

Find out how to combat malicious software

5 Key Ways CISOs Can Accelerate the Business

Discover how CISOs can up-level the business and increase the bottom line.

50 Ways Telcos Drive Business Value With Splunk

Find out how telecom companies are leveraging Splunk

What’s Your Data Really Worth?

How mature data strategies dramatically improve business outcomes.

Fast-Track Your Multicloud Monitoring Initiative

Manage the challenges of hybrid cloud and multicloud monitoring.

Ensuring Mission Success: A Collection of Public Sector Stories

Discover how forward-thinking government agencies bring data to every action.

Splunk Security: Detecting Unknown Malware and Ransomware

Learn about the early signs of compromise with Windows Sysinternal

Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for SIEM

Learn why Splunk was named a Leader for the seventh time running

The Essential Guide to Process Mining

Don't wait for your processes to break down before fixing them.

Optimize Your Investments in IT Monitoring Tools

Learn how can I & O teams optimize their IT monitoring investments

Get Your Government Cloud Migration Right

Learn how Splunk can help transition to the cloud easily

Splunk Ranked #1 in IDC Worldwide IT Operations Analytics Software Market Shares, 2018

Report reveals valuable market context and vendor info for IT decision-makers

Accelerate Government Innovation & Modernization with the Cloud

Learn how to reduce security risks and improve efficiencies

How Visibility Accelerates Successful IT Modernization

Learn how the public sector is preparing.

Realizing IoT’s Potential: How to Overcome Challenges to Enterprise Implementation

Overcome the obstacles to effective IoT implementation in the enterprise

Modern Digital Enablement Checklist

Close the gap with a cloud-based approach.

Data Explodes in 2020

Emerging data-driven technologies will demand smarter strategies.

Got Alert Fatigue? Automate your Security.

See why organizations are choosing SOAR products to transform their security operations.

Overcoming Barriers to Data Impact

HBR Analytic Services discuss the power of a new data mindset

IT Ops: Predictions 2020

Get expert insights into where AI, automation and ever-rising customer expectations will take IT operations in 2020

Emerging Technologies: Predictions 2020

From 5G to blockchain to augmented reality: Understand the data-intensive technologies of the next decade.

Splunk Predictions 2020

Read our full predictions report for emerging technologies, security and IT: AI, 5G, deepfakes and more.

Security: Predictions 2020

Splunk’s security experts look at deepfakes, infrastructure attacks and more, to help you stay secure in the year ahead.

The Top Five Highlights From Splunk .conf19

Check out our favorite moments from Splunk .conf19.

Splunk Data Stream Processor

Real-time data stream processing that delivers data to Splunk and other destinations in milliseconds

10 Ways to Take the MITRE ATT&CK Framework From Plan to Action

A Guide to Creating a Threat-Informed Defense for Your Organization

How to Survive a Bank Robbery

How to effectively survive 10 of the most significant banking threats that you will likely face in this digital age

Blueprints for Success

How Forward-Thinking Organizations Bring Data to Every Action

Stay afloat using AWS Security Hub and Splunk to find, fix and prevent security leaks

Learn how Splunk integrations with AWS Security Hub help you protect your AWS accounts.

2019 State of DevOps Report by Puppet

Read how security integration leads to better business outcomes in this report from Puppet, CircleCI and Splunk.

Celent Report: Mitigating Cyber Threats in Banking With Next-Generation Platforms

Improve your cybersecurity posture

Splunk Data-to-Everything Pricing

New predictive pricing options bring data to every question, decision and action without data limits at scale

Splunk for Financial Services Tech Brief

Find out how financial firms can leverage the power of their data

The Four Elements of Data-to-Everything

The strategy that lets organizations create impact by bringing data to everything they do

The SIEM Buyer’s Guide for Healthcare

Discover how a SIEM can help safeguard healthcare providers and services

Splunk Investigate

Investigation and action across any data source – start collaborating in minutes

Splunk Ranked No. 1 in IDC Worldwide SIEM Software Market Share 2018

Report reveals valuable market context and vendor info for security decision-makers

“Through the Looking Glass Table” Episode 2 Graphic Novel

Learn how an analytics-driven platform, log management, SIEM, UEBA and SOAR can get you ahead of threats.

IoT Predictions: What You Need to Know

Take a look at where we are today, what’s to come, and how IoT will change the industry.

How to Install and Use Splunk for Industrial IoT

Get started with a solution bundle that simplifies data ingestion and visualization across industrial applications and sources

Infrastructure Monitoring 101

Solve problems before they arise with holistic infrastructure monitoring

Data-Driven Decision Making

Learn the four stages to confidence

The Fundamental Guide to Building a Better SOC

Learn to get ahead of tomorrow’s advanced threats today.

Disk Diagnosis

Leverage the Splunk Monitoring Console to gather and analyze metrics external to Splunk

The SIEM Buyer’s Guide for 2020

Determine if a SIEM is the right security solution for you.

4 Steps to Government Security

Learn to investigate, monitor and analyze and act.

Splunk Security Operations Suite

Learn how to get ahead of threats with Splunk.

Assessing Security Risk in Industrial/OT Environment

Protect your most sensitive assets

4 Ways Digital Transformation Can Help the Bottom Line

Learn how a SIEM can make digital transformation easy.

Augmented Reality: Experience Your Data in Splunk

Unlock a new frontier in data analysis and business action

How Machine Data Supports the ISO/IEC 27001 Framework

Learn how Splunk maps to the ISO/IEC 27001 standards

Continuous Application Performance Management SaaS and Software

Market Overview and Top Vendors

7 Examples of the Incredible Value of Industrial Data

Unleash the power of your industrial data

Splunk App for Infrastructure (SAI) Product Brief

Comprehensive infrastructure monitoring, alerting and investigation

The State of Dark Data

See what global research shows about AI, data skills and the untapped data essential to both.

The Essential Guide to Data-Driven Business Operations

How process mining can help you improve sales, finance and manufacturing, customer service and more

Splunk for Containers Tech Brief

Unify insights across container environments and the entire technology stack.

The Essential Guide to Predictive Maintenance

Unleash the power of predictive maintenance in your organization

Leveraging Splunk to Operationalize CISA Directives

Learn to get ahead of CISA challenges.

Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit (MLTK) Product Brief

Extend the value of the Splunk Platform by applying machine learning to your data

Banking Analytics and Data Insights

Customer Success on the Frontlines

Modernize Your Legacy IT with Predictive Analytics

Find out how predictive IT monitoring can bring your org into the world of New IT.

2019 Gartner Market Guide for IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools

Splunk recognized as an ITIM Tool Vendor with Extensive Cloud-Native Visibility

Adopting the Splunk Success Framework

Best practices for success at scale

Getting Started With Splunk for OPC Process Controls Data

A guide to managing open platform communications process controls data

One Phish, Two Phish, Three Phish, Fraud Phish

Take an illustrated journey through the many types of fraud.

Healthcare Analytics and Data Insights

Customer Success on the Frontlines

How to Use Splunk for Efficient and Secure Migration to AWS

Learn how to minimize migration risks and inefficiencies

40 Ways to use Splunk in Financial Services

Learn how to unlock the power of machine data

How CSPs Can Prepare for 5G and Exceed Customer Expectations

Get ahead of change with machine data.

The Essential Guide to Fraud

Discover how to fight fraud with Splunk.

All Systems Back Online

Learn how to keep critical infrastructure working

Predictive Maintenance for Industrial Operations

See how predictive maintenance helps optimize maintenance on industrial machine assets using data

4 Reasons to Add UBA to Your SIEM

Learn why you should add a UBA solution to your SIEM

IoMT and Cybersecurity: What You Need to Know

Bolster your organization’s healthcare security strategy

Splunk for the MSSP Technical Architecture

Find out how to deploy Splunk as a managed security service

7 SIEM Trends to Watch in 2020

Discover the many exciting SIEM trends on the horizon

Getting Data Into (GDI) Splunk From AWS

How Splunk Is Using Big Data to Drive Global Impact

A Brief Guide to Securing Your Multi Cloud

Discover how to effectively secure your multi cloud environment

The Power of Predictive IT

Improve Reliability and Prevent Outages Across Your Organization

IT Security: A New Analytics-Driven Model

Understand how AI and machine learning can help optimize security operations

Splunk's 2019 Predictions

Discover what Splunk experts think is to come in the next year.

Metrics - Accelerate Time to Insights

The small datatype with an outsized performance boost

A Beginner's Guide to Kubernetes Monitoring

Discover the importance of effectively monitoring containers deployments.

From Endpoint to Firewall

Build effective threat perimeters with Cisco and Splunk

Building a Security Monitoring Strategy With Splunk

Reduce overall risk with a prescriptive monitoring strategy

Splunk GovTech in UK Health

Learn how Splunk can help UK health.

Closing the Cybersecurity Gap

Discover the three keys to having analytics-driven security

Security Super Session: Splunk Security Vision and Roadmap With Haiyan Song

Discover the latest and greatest innovations driving Splunk’s security portfolio

A Container Adventure

Scaling and Monitoring Kubernetes Logging Infrastructure

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Using Splunk to Deliver World-Class Healthcare

See the Problem Before It Becomes a Problem

Predict and Prevent the Problem with Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)

Getting the Most Out of Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring

See How Splunk Monitoring Helps Resolve Application Problems Faster

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

How to Adopt Machine Learning Without Costly Tech Migrations

Splunk Security Essentials: What's New and What's Awesome

Discover the latest and greatest security capabilities and features within Security Essentials

Splunk for Industrial IoT

Taking Your Operation from Reactive to Data-Driven

Machine Learning for IoT

Successful IoT Use Cases

Enterprise Security Health Check

Identify and address issues within your ES deployment

2018 State of DevOps

Insights from an Expert Panel

Securing the Critical Industrial Infrastructure

Understand the risk facing your environments and how to prepare for cyberattacks on OT networks.

Artificial Intelligence - The End of the Beginning

Discover how artificial intelligence is being used and developed in today’s organizations

8 Biggest Mistakes IT Practitioners Make and How to Avoid Them

Solutions and real-world examples to help you improve your IT monitoring and troubleshooting

Top Five Highlights from Splunk .conf18

Catch up on what you might’ve missed at our biggest .conf yet

Beginner’s Guide to Observability

Taking the deeper dive into what your systems, services and apps are really doing

Innovators in Action — A Collection of Inspiring Customer Stories

Learn how 42 customers across 11 industries are turning machine data into answers.

5 Big Myths of AI and Machine Learning Debunked

Discover the truth behind AI and machine learning and what it could mean for you

Splunk Phantom

Maximize your SOC efficiency with SOAR capabilities

The SOAR Buyer's Guide

The who, what, where, when and why of buying a SOAR solution

AI & ML: Driving Tangible Value for Business

Learn how organizations are reaping the rewards from AI & ML

Measuring the ROI of Security Operations Platforms

Calculate your ROI from investing in SecOps Platforms

5 Steps to Transform your IT Organization with AI

Learn the critical steps required to develop your predictive IT strategy

AI and Machine Learning in Regulated Industries

Discover how organizations across industries are unleashing the power of AI and machine learning.

Gaining Insights Across Cloud and Hybrid Environments — Customer Success Stories

Get inspiration from 11 customers

Reduce Risk With SOAR

Learn to take your security to new heights.

Enable Real-Time Visibility & Reporting on Compliance Controls

Maintain security posture visibility with respect to information security controls

Use This 4-Step Approach to Architect Your IT Monitoring Strategy

Gartner Report Outlines ITOM Strategy

“Through the Looking Glass Table” Graphic Novel

Learn how an analytics-driven platform, log management, SIEM, UEBA and SOAR can get you ahead of threats.

Splunk for Advanced Analytics and Threat Detection

Accelerate Advanced Threat Investigation

Predictive IT

How Leading Organizations Use AI to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

Getting Started With Splunk Asset Intelligence

Learn how you can leverage Splunk for industrial IoT with Industrial Asset Intelligence

Analytics-Driven Security in Government Pocket Guide

Find out what you need to know about analytics-driven security as a public sector organization.

Getting Started With Splunk Insights for Infrastructure

A Guide for Getting From Install to Insights in Minutes

The Cybersecurity Framework for Industrial Security

Discover the most effective way to implement risk management

Critical IT Incident Calculator

Calculate the estimated cost of critical IT incidents and discover how you compare to the competition.

Value Calculator

Select your use case and estimate how much your organization could save using Splunk software

Splunk App Release Analytics With Puppet

Get real-time visibility, reporting and automation

AI for IT: Preventing Outages With Predictive Analytics

Accelerating IT Ops with AI and Machine Learning

A Short Primer of GDPR Essentials

Use this quick checklist to make sure you are GDPR ready

Clear Up Your Event Storms with Event Analytics

Predict outages before they impact your customers

AI and Machine Learning in Your Organization

Find out about the critical role AI and machine learning play in finding answers

Data and Digital Citizen Services Post COVID-19

Harnessing your data with the right platform lets you deliver critical services reliably and securely.

The Essential Guide to Security

Need a cybersecurity plan? Learn how to get started with Splunk.

Why Your Cloud Strategy Needs a Data Strategy - Financial Services

Only by harnessing your data with the right platform will financial service institutions succeed in the cloud.

Automation and Orchestration to Help Bridge the IT Security Skills Gap

An Enterprise Management Associates® (EMA™) Research Report Summary

Why a Data Strategy Is the Glue for Application Modernization by IDC

Analyst Report

Reducing Complexity in IT Infrastructure Monitoring

See what monitoring challenges keep 2,497 IT pros up at night

Splunk App for AWS

The Splunk App for AWS helps you gain end-to-end visibility across your AWS environment.

The Accenture Cyber Defense Solution

A managed service for cyber defense from Accenture and Splunk.

Great Insight. Greater Value.

Accenture and Splunk: delivering real-time insights to grow revenue, lower costs and reduce risks.

Booz Allen and Splunk: Expanding the Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Booz Allen and Splunk partner to deliver highly flexible data analytics and threat intelligence tools.

Realize Your Digital Transformation With Dell EMC and Splunk

Dell EMC and Splunk have partnered to provide jointly validated reference architectures for scalability and performance.

Splunk and Amazon Web Services

Learn how Splunk solutions enables you to gain end to-end visibility across your AWS and hybrid environment.

Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations in Transition

Aligning security operations and IT governance with automation

Booz Allen Cyber4Sight for Splunk

Learn how Booz Allen and Splunk offer actionable intelligence to anticipate attacks and address complex challenges

Make Your IT Events Less Eventful

How to discover what matters so you can solve problems faster

Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations Has Evolved

CISOs are moving towards an integrated security operations and analytics platform architecture.

Banking on Machine Data

How the Financial Services Industry Can Prevent Cyberattacks, Transform IT and Streamline Business Operations

Insights Everywhere—Gaining More Value From Cloud and Hybrid

Splunk and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Customer Success Stories

Exploring Splunk: Search Processing Language (SPL) Primer and Cookbook

Explore Splunk and dive into the value of machine data.

Masters of Machines: Business insight from IT operational intelligence

Analyst firm Quocirca reveals the untapped opportunity in Operational Intelligence.

Worldwide IT Event and Log Management Software Market Shares, 2016

Market revenue and vendors in this accelerating market

U.K. Public Sector in IT Operations

Learn the latest challenges and trends in U.K. public sector IT operations.

U.S. Public Sector in IT Operations

Learn the latest challenges and trends in U.S. public sector IT operations.

Investigation or Exasperation? The State of Security Operations

How organizations are coping with increasing attacks.

Why Machine Data is the Retail Industry's Best Kept Secret

How big data can help retailers increase revenue, enhance customer satisfaction and improve NPS

Enabling Government for Modernized IT

Minimizing the Impact of Critical IT Incidents in the Public Sector

A Beginner's Guide to collectd

Get a deep dive into collectd and how you can incorporate it into your environment.

Using Splunk to Develop an Incident Response Plan

Improve your security posture with Splunk.

IDC MarketScape: Asia/Pacific BDA Platform 2017 Vendor Analysis

What position vendors for success in this promising market

Mitigate Business and Security Risk With Splunk

Develop a risk mitigation plan with Splunk.

Analytics-Driven Security in Government

Analytics-Driven Security in Government Breaking Down What You Need to Know

Splunk Validated Architectures

Proven reference architectures for stable, efficient and repeatable Splunk deployments

The Four Pillars of Government IT Modernization

Learn how Splunk software can modernize government IT

The Five Essential Capabilities of an Analytics-Drive SOC

Launch a security architecture that effectively prevents, detects, responds and predicts

The Science Behind Building a Kill Chain

Learn how data science and machine learning can find unknown threats

Security Investigation and Rapid Response Using Splunk and Amazon Web Services

Discover how Splunk and AWS can help you find and remediate security problems.

The Essential Guide to User and Application Data

Gain value from the data your users and applications create.

Masters of Machines III: Mitigating the Impact of Critical IT Events

Research reveals how critical IT events can impact the average European business.

Fraud in the Real World

Learn how machine data can stop fraud.

The Accenture Cyber Defense Platform - Architectural Overview

Learn how enterprises can utilize applications to mitigate risk.

The Big Data Campaign Trail: Clarus Research Report

Learn how big data can help the public sector reach mission success.

Operational Intelligence: Executive Summary

Harness machine data for true operational insights

A New Approach to Combat Cyberattacks

Use Splunk UBA to capture threat footprints and detect anomalies.

The Modern Enterprise Data Fabric: Helping the Public Sector Transform Digitally

Learn what the digital transformation means for the public sector.

The Essential Guide to Internet of Things and Additional Data Sources

Learn the value of IoT data and other data sources.

The Essential Guide to Network Data

Learn about the value your network data creates.

SIEM RFP New Questions for New Times

Learn what to look for in a SIEM solution.

Extracting More Value from SIEM Deployments: Integrated Splunk with ArcSight

Extract more value from SIEM deployments using Splunk with ArcSight.

Splunk Big Data and the Future of Security

Learn how big data can improve your security posture.

Mapping Splunk Enterprise to PCI Requirements

Learn how to use Splunk to achieve PCI compliance.

Demystifying Compliance

Learn how Splunk can help you adhere to compliance standards.

The Big Machine: Creating Value Out of Machine Driven Big Data

GigaOM Pro & Splunk: Understand the benefits of big data.

Achieving Your Digital Transformation With Dell EMC and Splunk

Buy Dell EMC infrastructure with Splunk or build your own solution.

Three Companies. IT Operations. Machine Data.

Learn how companies are leveraging machine data to support IT operations.

The Essential Guide to Infrastructure Data

Learn about data sources to tap for a healthy infrastructure.

The Essential Guide to Security Data

Learn how companies are leveraging security data to protect against cyberthreats

Bringing the Future Forward

Real-world ways data can solve some of today’s biggest challenges

The Essential Guide to Middleware and Operating System Data

Get value from the data created by your middleware and OS.

Splunk and the Cybersecurity Framework

Use Splunk to implement the risk management guidance

Challenges to Risk Management Framework

Use Splunk to navigate the RMF

How Machine Data Supports GDPR Compliance

Master the risks to get ahead of GDPR mandates

Global Customer Support - Support Enablement

Take full advantage of Splunk & scale to requirements

Global Customer Support - Success Management

Get maximum value from your investment

Gaining the Situational Awareness to Mitigate Cyberthreats

Raise awareness, save time, raise morale

Splunk for Industrial Data and the IoT

Gain new insights from devices, sensors & machine technologies

Multiple Splunk as a Service

Building the architecture for multitenant Splunk deployments

From Aspirational to Operational: How State & Local Government Can Harness Data to Become a Smart Community

Learn how machine data can make cities smarter.

Splunk Public Sector IT Ops Research

Use public sector IT Ops research for mission success

Splunk Stream

See application performance, customer experience in real time

Splunk Enterprise Security

Monitor for threats with analytics-driven security

Embracing the Strategic Opportunity of IT

Enable a business-aware IT

Splunk for Risk Management Framework

Step-by-step monitoring process of NIST 800-53 controls

Splunk for VMware

Immediate visibility into your VMware environment's health

Building Your Own Software Asset Management System With Splunk

Learn how Splunk can answer questions associated with a SAM

The Seven Essential Capabilities of an Analytics-Driven SIEM

Modern threats demand analytics-driven security

Control Virtual Chaos: A New Approach for Managing Virtual Environments

Big data provides visibility for complex landscapes

Taking Off With IoT: A Collection of Customer Stories

Discover how customers are turning mountains of data into IoT insights.

Four Easy Ways Central Logging Improves Security Posture

Learn how central logging can improve your security posture now.

Building a SOC with Splunk

Power your SOC with effective processes, build security posture

Listen to Your Data: Profiles of Customer Success With the Splunk Platform

Profiles of customer success with Splunk

Splunk 2018 Predictions

See what's in store for machine learning, IT operations, security & IoT

Splunk for Managed Security Service Providers - Technical Architecture

Designing & deploying Splunk for MSSPs

The SIEM Buyer's Guide

The who, what, where, when and why of buying an analytics-driven security solution

Taking Your SIEM to the Cloud

Strengthen security management with cloud-based SIEM

Data Secrets Revealed

Learn how customers across industries are unleashing the power of machine data.

Splunk for Security

Monitor, detect, analyze and prevent high-priority threats

Add-Ons and Apps in the Splunk Quick Start for Infrastructure Monitoring

Visibility helps you find & fix problems faster

The Road to DevOps Success

Achieve CI/CD with Machine Data

Getting Started With Splunk Insights for AWS Cloud Monitoring

Troubleshoot and monitor your AWS cloud infrastructure

Splunk Highlights Three Ms: Metrics, Machine Learning and More

451 Research highlights Splunk's announcements from .conf2017

Enterprise Machine Data Fabric

See -- and embrace -- how the digital world is changing

Splunk and Amazon Web Services

Meet or exceed your security and compliance standards

Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange

Operational visibility for MS Exchange-based infrastructures

Enhance AWS Security with Splunk Solutions

Migrating to AWS with security & peace of mind

How Data & Operational Intelligence Drive Public Sector Mission Success

Stop malicious activity before it's a breach

Splunk and Verizon Managed Security Services

Find threats faster, streamline security

Security Investigation, Detection, & Rapid Response

Faster investigation equals quicker mitigation and prevention

Splunk for Managed Service Providers - Technical Architecture

Designing & deploying Splunk for MSPs

Splunk for Advanced Threat Detection

Analyzing all your data can uncover signs of advanced threats

Get Your Cloud Migration Strategy Right

Tips for making your transition to the cloud successful

Damage Control - The Impact of Critical IT Incidents

Analyst firm Quocirca reveals cost and time associated with IT troubleshooting

Operationalizing Threat Intelligence Using Splunk Enterprise Security

Pinpoint potential threat activity

Splunk App for Amazon Web Services

Collect & analyze data from over 15 AWS sources

Why You Need Improved Operational Intelligence for Big Data

Machine data improves government ops

Masters of Machines III: Mitigating the Impact of Critical IT Events

Downtime now ranks higher concern than security

Splunk Company Overview

Make machine data make sense - for business, IT & security

Using Splunk Adaptive Response

Multi-vendor approach enables deeper investigations, automated responses

The Path to Operational Intelligence

Go from reactive problem-solving to data-driven insights

Splunk for Government Healthcare

Automate early breach detection & continuously monitor threats

Splunk for IT Operations

End-to-end visibility, problem solving across IT infrastructure

Leveraging Big Data at the State and Local Level

Big data solution essential to government IT operations

Splunk for Business Analytics

Leverage a new class of data to gain business insights

Splunk for CDM & CMaaS

Deliver high functionality, greatly reduce risk

Driving Institutional Research Excellence With NIST 800-171 Compliance

Learn how Splunk drives NIST 800-171 compliance

Splunk for Public Safety

Use analytics to lower crime & optimize resources

Splunk for Higher Education

Use OI to identify problems, risks & opportunities

Machine Learning Quick Reference Guide

A quick list of machine learning search commands and tips on algorithms from the Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit.

Splunk for Business Process Analytics

Be an IT over-achiever: Gain real-time insights into biz processes

Splunk Enterprise on AWS: Deployment Guidelines

Turn machine data - physical or virtual - into valuable insights

Digital Transformation Trailblazing: A Data-Driven Approach

Learn how to leverage your organization's data to create business value

Splunk for Compliance

Using machine data to meet compliance requirements

Splunk User Behavior Analytics

Detect known / unknown cyberthreats & insider attacks

Splunk for Big Data Analytics

Learn how to transform your raw data into business value

Deploying Splunk Enterprise on Microsoft Azure

Rapidly gain insights from massive amounts of machine data

Smart Soldiers

Accelerate mission operational efficiencies

Splunk for Government

Better visibility serves the public better & faster

Getting Started With Splunk for Application Management

Step-by-step guide to improving application insight

Quick Reference Guide

Product features, functions, concepts & components

Data Secrets Revealed: A Collection of APAC Customer Stories

See how leading companies in the Asia Pacific region are turning machine data into answers.

Deploying Splunk Enterprise on Google Cloud Platform

Leverage machine data to deepen business understanding

Splunk Cloud

See why Splunk Cloud is the leading platform for OI

Too Many Hats, Not Enough Heads

Comprehensive solution for small IT environments

You Can't Spell "Digital Transformation Without IT"

Transforming IT into a key driver of innovation

How Government IT Can Counter Security Threats By Analyzing Big Data

How governments counter threats by analyzing big data

Splunk for Application Delivery

Deliver better applications, faster MTTR with less time & effort

Gain end-to-end visibility

Learn how big data gives insights to the public sector

Splunk App for AWS

Gain end-to-end visibility across AWS environment

Top 5 Key Takeaways from .conf2017

Didn’t make it to .conf2017? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Taking IT to the Next Level

How IT can partner with the business, adopt data-centric DevOps and be successful with containers.

Splunk and Cisco

Splunk & Cisco deliver operational intelligence at scale

Data Secrets Revealed: A Collection of EMEA Customer Stories

See how leading companies in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa are turning machine data into answers.

Digging Out of the Silos

Learn the impact of the digital transformation on public sector IT Ope.

Splunk for Defense

Achieve security & efficiencies through data-driven intelligence

Splunk for Communication Service Providers

Improve customer experience, service delivery & security posture

AWS Visibility + Splunk Visibility = Cloud Success

View why Splunk + AWS = Cloud success

Splunk for Financial Services

Detect fraud, build customer experience, guard against threats

Splunk Software as a SIEM

Simplify security management with cloud-based SIEM

DB Connect

Scalable, real-time integration with relational databases

Splunk for Customer Experience Analytics

How IT & analytics help improve customer experience

Splunk for Retail

Support omni-channel strategies, satisfy customers, see trends

Getting Started with Splunk for Monitoring & Diagnostics

Guide to real-time insights into industrial operations

How to Operate Your SIEM Under the GPDR

Learn the impact of the GDPR on your security solution.

Data Secrets Revealed: A Collection of Security Customer Stories

See how leading organizations are turning machine data into business and security insights.

Splunk and the CIS Critical Security Controls

Splunk's impact on these Top 20 critical security controls

Splunk Integrated Behavior Analytics

Explore crawl, walk and run approach to UEBA

Deploying Splunk Enterprise in AWS

Implement or extend Splunk Enterprise on the AWS cloud

Operationalize Machine Learning

Learn how to use Splunk to detect malicious domain names

Essential Security Foundations: Monitoring Basic Security Posture

Find out how to centralize and improve security posture within your organization.

Add-Ons and Apps in the Splunk Quick Start for Application Monitoring

One-stop shop to getting insights into your critical applications

Smart Transportation

Make transportation safer, smarter and stress-free with Splunk

Splunk Disrupts the Traditional SIEM

Learn the benefits of an analytics-driven SIEM

Using Splunk User Behavior Analytics

Implement flexible, scalable security for customer deployments

Splunk for Healthcare

Reduce risks, protect PHI, help HIPAA compliance

Splunk for Fraud Detection

Preventing fraud protects your customers and your reputation

Why You Should Take Security in the Cloud

Learn the benefits of security as a service

Splunk IT Service Intelligence

Protect service performance with AIOps

Getting Started with Splunk for Container Monitoring

Take an analytics-driven approach to container performance

5 Foundational Practices of DevOps

Steal these tricks from successful DevOps teams

Using Splunk UBA to Detect Cyber Attacks

Use Splunk UBA to capture threat footprints & detect anomalies

Datacenter Virtualization

Big data analysis provides the right information at the right time

Using Splunk UBA - Insider Threats

Splunk UBA creates self-learning baseline to uncover deviations

Striking Gold: A Collection of Business Analytics Customer Stories

See how companies are using their machine data to dramatically improve business process

Data Secrets Revealed: A Collection of IT Operations Customer Stories

See how organizations are transforming their IT environments for the better.

All Data, All Uses

Learn how big data solves government challenges

Ransomware 101/Learn 3 key ways to defend against the malware

Learn 3 key ways to defend against the malware

Splunk and Government Insider Threat Detection Program

Bring analytical context to anomalous IT behaviors

Splunk Enterprise

Drive business results with operational intelligence

Splunk for Aerospace and Defense

Streamline compliance, security, mergers & acquisitions in A & D

Splunk for K-12

Improve uptime, understand trends, support student performance

Splunk 2017 Predictions

Crystal ball views into cloud, IoT, analytics, security, DevOps

Improve Your DevOps Game With Machine Data

Steps for using machine data to improve DevOps

App Management: Racing Ahead of the Competition

Your answers are hiding in silos--can you find them?

Using Healthcare Machine Data for Operational Intelligence

Reduce fraud, improve patient outcomes, aid HIPAA audits

The Essential Guide to Data

Learn the value of data and what it can provide across your organization in IT, security, business analytics and IoT use cases

Securely Accelerate Digital Transformation With NTT Ltd. and Splunk