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Using your Education Training units for .conf23 and Splunk University

You can use your purchased training units to pay for either your conference pass or your Splunk University registration ... or both! Please make note of the restirctions and terms in the Policy Section. Click "Registration Instructions" to see how to register!


  • Training units must not expire before July 15, 2023
  • Training units must have been purchased at full price. Partner discounted training units cannot be applied.
  • Free Training units are NOT eligible for use at .conf23 or Splunk University.
  • Training units included as part of a Customer Success Package Program ([CSP] and [SSP]) ARE eligible.
  • Training units that have received an expiration extenstion can only be applied to Splunk University.
  • Conference prices are rounded up to the nearest $10 (one credit = $10) and assessed per person.
  • In-Person Conference
    • Conference Costs in Training units:
      • Early Bird – 170 training units
      • Regular – 200 training units
      • Alumni – 150 training units
      • Partner – 150 training units
      • Public Sector – 150 training units
      • Onsite Rate – 220 training units
    • Splunk University Costs in Training units (Combine with above as needed):
      • One Day of Splunk U – 93 training units
      • Two Days of Splunk U – 165 training units
      • Three Days of Splunk U – 220 training units
      • Thursday Half-Day of Splunk U - 45 training units