Case Study

Namely Deploys Splunk to Enable Observability and Engineering Productivity

Executive Summary

Namely is an all-in-one HR solution with data-driven analytics that gives companies incredible insight into how to best manage their people. Since reliability is a critical requirement for HR solutions, Namely needed a monitoring tool that would help ensure its clients experienced seamless performance while processing essential payroll, benefits, HR and time management transactions.

Splunk APM and Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring* provide Namely with real-time monitoring across its advanced microservices architecture. This has allowed Namely to:

  • Accelerate product development with confidence
  • Develop more advanced features
  • Focus the engineering team on enhancements to the Namely platform, providing its clients with a first-class product for building better workplaces
    • Needed a tool that could support Namely’s complex microservices environment, including containers, Kubernetes and Istio
    • Required up-to-the second insight into the health of its systems to ensure the reliability and performance of the Namely platform
    • Ensure optimal developer productivity
Business Impact
    • Accelerated product development because the engineering team can trust the changes they are making to improve their systems
    • Developed more advanced features and delivers even better experiences for its clients by easily identifying and taking action on opportunities for performance enhancements
    • Focused the engineering team on Namely’s core mission — helping its clients build better workplaces — instead of infrastructure-related concerns
    • Supported the adoption of modern technologies like containers, Kubernetes and Istio through real-time monitoring of these ephemeral environments
Data Sources
    • AWS
    • Kubernetes
    • Istio
    • Prometheus
    • StatsD
    • OpenTracing

*Splunk APM and Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring were formerly trademarked as “SignalFx.”