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A Bright Future With Big Data

Splunk is growing rapidly worldwide — we’re hiring self-starters who want to help top companies solve huge challenges by turning data into answers. At Splunk, your skills won’t go stale. Work with people you like while building, selling and supporting products people love.

Careers at Splunk

Who we are

We go beyond the product

People + Product + Passion = Splunk. At Splunk, our vision is a world where data provides clarity, elevates discussion and accelerates progress. We work everyday to remove the barriers between data and action, so everyone thrives in the Data Age. And passion is key. You can have the best people and the best product, but without passion, you don't have Splunk.

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Our Teams

Job listings — find your Splunk fit

Whether you're a business analyst, engineer or salesperson, Splunkers all share a passion to make big data easily accessible, usable and valuable for our customers. 

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How we hire

Splunk hires the best innovators, disruptors and collaborators globally so we can help organizations become more secure and resilient.

We know candidates complete extensive research before making career decisions, and we hope this information helps to provide clarity on Splunk's application and hiring process.

  • Splunk posts all of our open career opportunities to our site. 
  • All career opportunities posted on our site will have details on skill requirements and role responsibilities. We encourage you to apply to any and all roles you feel may best meet your knowledge, skills and career aspirations.
  • Once you apply to a role, you will receive a confirmation email from Splunk’s Recruiting Team (via an email from to the email address you listed in your application, confirming that your application has successfully been submitted.
  • Regrettably, we may not be able to personally reach out to everyone who applies, but we are happy to keep your data in our Talent Database so that we can let you know if we find a role for your skill set.
  • To learn how Splunk handles talent data, please review our Career Site Privacy Policy.
  • Splunk has a best-in-class talent acquisition team, and we pride ourselves on our people-first mentality.
  • Once a recruiter has identified your skills as matching the needs of a role, we will want to talk to you, learn your goals and provide you with detailed answers about career opportunities.
  • We will respect your schedule, and will always work to connect with you over Zoom, in person or with a phone call at a time convenient for you. 
  • If your application moves forward to the interview stage, your recruiter will be your guide throughout the process, giving you detailed information about the role and team, scheduling interviews, providing access to any role-specific assessments, and answering any questions you have along the way.
  • Depending on the role, Splunk may ask you to participate in a pre-employment assessment. Your recruiter will let you know to expect this before receiving invitations from specific third-party assessment vendors.
  • Splunk's interview team will include the Splunkers who will work with the hired candidate every day, and they will meet candidates either in person or over a Splunk secured Zoom link during the interview process. (Splunk will never interview over a third-party instant messaging service!)
  • Zoom invite links will always be on the domain.
  • Be sure to connect with your interview team on LinkedIn, and explore our company culture with hashtags like: #SplunkLife
  • When the mutual decision has been made to start your Splunk career, your trusted recruiter will welcome and guide you through our supportive onboarding process.
  • We’ll confirm your offer with a phone call along with an email containing links to your offer documents.
  • You will receive information on how we will provide you with the tech and tools needed.
  • All equipment will be shipped to you (you’ll never be asked to buy or ship your own onboarding equipment).
  • The Splunk Service Desk will send you login information for your email address.
  • Unfortunately, recruitment fraud is a well-known way that third parties try to get personal information. You can read a little bit about how to protect yourself by reviewing the FBI’s warning.
  • Please note: Splunk will never ask for a fee of any kind to apply. There are no application fees, recruiter placement fees, interview reservation fees, training fees, resume formatting/re-writing fees, etc.
  • You can read about what a legitimate Splunk application and hiring process looks like above. Please be wary of anything that deviates from that experience, such as:
    • Someone using an email alias (other than to contact you for personal information including your address, date of birth, passport information, social security number (or other government identification), and/or banking details.
    • Someone using an email alias (other than or to contact you about a fake OR legitimate job posting. Please closely review the name of the sender and the email domain name associated with their account. All official Splunk recruitment emails will come from accounts formatted as:, or
    • Being asked to participate in an "interview" by chat or email. Splunk does not conduct "interviews" by chat or email, and will always want to meet either over Zoom, on the phone, or in person.
    • Someone urgently insisting that you act immediately within a very short time frame.
    • Someone making you a job offer through social media or an online forum, or making a job offer for a role you have not applied to or interviewed for.  
    • Before Splunk extends an offer, all candidates will first meet with the recruiter and interview team (either over Zoom, on the phone, or in person) consistent with our application and hiring process described above.
  • Splunk will never ask you to make financial transactions on its behalf or for any Splunkers.
  • Splunk will never ask you to receive and ship packages or goods. 

If you experience anything like this in connection with an alleged opportunity at Splunk, please let us know at

You can also report this kind of activity to law enforcement by:

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