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Lucid Search Bar Implementation
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Using Splunk with SAP

Make sense of growing complexity with AI-driven monitoring and predictive analytics for SAP.



Automate insights and unlock innovation

Get end-to-end visibility across your SAP technology stacks with proactive, AI-enabled monitoring. Correlate SAP and infrastructure data for deeper insights into business processes and operational performance. Detect and respond to slowdowns and outages, eliminate unplanned downtime and prevent issues before they happen.


Predict and prevent SAP issues before they happen

Understand your SAP performance

Boost your SAP apps’ performance with end-to-end service visibility and monitoring using predefined dashboards.


Eliminate unplanned downtime

Harness the power of machine-learning-driven monitoring and reporting in your SAP infrastructure.

Overcome data chaos

With long data retention requirements, finding the right metrics using traditional SAP reporting can be tough. Splunk can help you see which insights to act on faster so you can accelerate your time to value.


Splunk Advantage

Deepen on-premises and cloud deployment visibility

pre-built dashboard pre-built dashboard

Pre-built dashboard for unified views

Increase service operations efficiency for SAP, SAP HANA and S4/HANA.

auto-discovery of services auto-discovery of services

Auto-discovery of services

Link services and predefined KPIs for an at-a-glance health perspective.

Machine-learning-based predictive analytics Machine-learning-based predictive analytics

Machine-learning-based predictive analytics

Apply actionable ML-based insights for faster, smarter decision-making.


Maximize your SAP performance with Splunk


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