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Enabling Digital Business Outcomes

As the world continues down a path of accelerated digital evolution, organizations are focusing on innovation and transformation to survive and thrive. Data is the lifeblood of such transformations and those who are able to derive value from their data are likely better positioned to emerge as winners in tomorrow’s economy. The underlying architectural complexity behind digital and organizational introduces new risks on the path to innovation and often less resilient systems are deployed than those in the past. Splunk helps make organizations more resilient. Leading organizations use our unified security and observability platform to keep their digital systems secure and reliable and to draw business critical insights from the underlying data.
Deloitte and Splunk have teamed to help enterprises achieve the digital business outcomes they seek to transform and grow. With solutions across IT operations and security, Deloitte and Splunk offerings can enable customers to accelerate their digital transformation while enhancing their security posture. Together Splunk and Deloitte can help enterprises:

  • Reduce operating expenses and more efficiently address security issues, empowering organizations to focus on other strategic priorities.
  • Capitalize on automation opportunities to achieve consistency across complex environments, reducing operational overhead.
  • Increase enterprise security programs, with an emphasis on defending against, recovering from and remediating major cyberattacks.
  • Assess, strategize, architect, implement and, in select cases, handle next-generation controls to manage risks and exposure.

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sysmon + splunk sysmon + splunk
Develop Endpoint Detection Superpowers with Sysmon + Splunk
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data onboarding data onboarding
Data Onboarding Methodologies
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Managing the future of cyber means collaborating to accelerate innovation and growth in strategic, creative, agile and adaptive new ways. Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory curates an expansive yet specialized ecosystem of alliance relationships with leading providers, like Splunk, to match the specific challenges and opportunities organizations worldwide are requiring to scale exponentially and tap into the potential of new technologies.

John Peirson, CEO of Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory

Data Platform as a Service

data platform as a service

As enterprise Splunk deployments expand, challenges can arise in areas such as data onboarding, scaling infrastructure, managing user reporting and maintaining system consistency. DataPaaS employs Deloitte’s leading practice D8 methodology which can help orchestrate the deployment, management and adoption of your organization-wide data platform.

Fusion Managed Service

fusion managed service

Fusion Managed Services with Splunk Phantom™ provide advanced threat defense through a combination of sophisticated technologies and human intelligence to effectively monitor, detect, investigate and respond to known and unknown attacks that could potentially disrupt your business, all while safeguarding your data.

Cloud Security Analytics

cloud security analytics

Transform your Security Operations Center from traditional hierarchical and manually-driven processes into perpetually enhancing, AI-driven security operations programs (AI-SecOps) through data fusion, machine learning (ML) and automation to help integrate, enhance and augment threat detection and response capabilities

Cyber Reconnaissance

cyber reconnaissance

Cyber visibility in a manner that is easy to consume for your organization. Traditional cybersecurity tools and techniques are based on methodologies that are inside looking out. Cyber reconnaissance takes a different approach through an integrated methodology that uses both outside-in and inside-out behavior-based data, which is then analyzed using powerful analytics to illuminate what’s hidden.

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