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Splunk for IoT and sensors

Collect and monitor data generated from physical environments with Splunk Edge Hub.


What it is

Splunk Edge Hub, sold by select Splunk partners, helps customers bridge the gap between physical data access and traditional IT infrastructure — a comprehensive solution that simplifies the ingestion of IoT and sensor data and streams it to the Splunk platform for advanced monitoring and analytics.

Why it matters

With visibility as the foundation of a customer's  digital resilience journey, the ability to access data from the edge to the cloud is critical to the secure and reliable delivery of our customers’ operations. With Splunk Edge Hub, OT customers can now have improved decision-making and generate analytic insights across their data sources, end-to-end, like never before.

Where it’s going

Splunk Edge Hub extends the reach and value of what Splunk can do to help customers better detect, investigate and respond to shifts in physical environments or to predict anomalies in processes.

How it works

Collect and analyze data generated from sensors and IoT to unlock value at the edge

Disconnected data, tool sprawl and inefficient IT management workflows limit service visibility and slow down mean time to resolution. IT teams spend too much time reacting to issues instead of delivering impact.


Setup is easy so you can start investigating quickly and scale to your environment and needs

Splunk Edge Hub helps customers collect, process, cache and stream data from physical environments to the Splunk platform so they can investigate and act on their data. Available for select customers from Splunk partners, this gateway device can be used right out of the box with simple configuration. To scale, simply add another device. 

Integrate data in line with industry protocols

Since Splunk Edge Hub is optimized for the edge, customers can connect several previously air-gapped sources like PLCs, Historians, SCADA systems, DCS systems and a whole world of industrial devices.

It supports integration of existing sensors in customers’ physical environments into Splunk.


End-to-end visibility

See more clearly across systems when trying to solve for asset failure, equipment downtime or inconsistencies with product output. Thanks to key integrations, Splunk Edge Hub allows customers to streamline the data flows they need to detect, investigate and respond quickly, all in one place.



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Get started

See more details or connect with a Splunk partner for more about Splunk Edge Hub.