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Splunk Observability Cloud Free Trial 

Try Splunk Observability Cloud free for 14 days. No credit card required.

real-time visibility

Explore the benefits of Splunk APM, Splunk RUM, Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring and Splunk Log Observer Connect, all in one interface (one user seat).


You can choose to experience Splunk Observability Cloud in two ways within the trial:

  • Using your own data by instrumenting your applications with OpenTelemetry 
  • Using sample data in a pre-instrumented environment — Observability Jumpstart gets you started in less than 15 minutes

Once you sign up for the Splunk Observability Cloud trial, you’ll see how it helps you to:

  • Easily detect potential issues and identify root causes using high-resolution, streaming analytics.
  • Instantly see how every user experiences your app and how each code change impacts site performance.
  • Keep total control over your data with no vendor lock-in and OpenTelemetry — instrument once, observe everywhere.


Trusted by the world's leading organizations

Splunk Observability Cloud captures all the logs, metrics and traces in a way that allows us to understand any event across our platform, so we can ask questions and get answers.

Matt Coddington, Senior Director of DevOps Engineering,

Try Splunk Observability Cloud free for 14 days

No credit card required
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