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Full-Stack Observability Powered by Predictive Analytics 

Get all your answers in one place with Splunk Observability Cloud. Full-fidelity monitoring and troubleshooting across infrastructure, application and users, in real-time and at any scale. 


The only full-stack, analytics-powered and OpenTelemetry-based Observability Cloud

real-time visibility

Real-Time Visibility. Instantly see how every user experiences your app and how each code change impacts site performance.


Predictive Analytics. Use high-resolution, streaming analytics to easily detect potential issues and identify root causes.


OpenTelemetry Native. No vendor lock-in and total control over your data with OpenTelemetry — instrument once, observe everywhere.

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If we don’t have observability, it impacts our ability to show data to customers in real time. Splunk helps us provide complete, real-time alerting so customers always have a clear picture.

Brent Miller, Senior Director of Cloud Operations at Quantum Metric

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