Splunk Video: What Is Machine Data?

Data intersects with and improves human lives in countless ways every day. Watch this video to find out just some of the amazing ways data helps make a difference.


Video Transcript


Machine data is everywhere. Intersecting with our lives and businesses in ways that change our lives for the better. Take an average day of the average Joe.

Hi, Joe.

Joe is cool. He orders a taxi from an app on a smartphone and it arrives in minutes, the taxis location visible on his phone the whole time. He uses that same phone to adjust his online budget, subtracting the money he'd just spent on the taxi-- he takes taxis a lot. May not be surprising your phone is generating data, but here's where machine generated data gets interesting.

In the car, data is generated that insurance companies can use to give discounts for safe driving, or help you improve driving habits and fuel efficiency by measuring braking and acceleration. May help Joe's driver, but he has other machine data fish to fry. His health monitoring device is aware of his lousy commute, spending an hour in the taxi on his butt on the way to the office, and is logging that data into his fitness profile in the cloud.

Stoplights and toll booths the taxi goes through can send data to transportation planners to better route traffic and keep congestion and fuel consumption down. He finally gets to the office and his security badge gets him in the building, letting his company know that, even with his lousy commute, he got to work an hour early.

Joe decides to take the elevator to his office on the 34th floor. The elevator is collecting data on how many times it stops on his floor to give the owner of the building insights into how likely the company will be to renew its lease. Once he's in the office, his smart thermostat detects when he's arrived and knows his temperature preferences and sets the temperature to 72, thank you.

Joe's a spontaneous kind of guy, so he books a last minute trip to Hawaii for the weekend. His favorite travel site is down, but worker bees are in the background crunching all of the machine data that will get the server error keeping his booking at bay, fixed. Just a minute later, Joe is off on his trip to the beach. The plane is a flying data center, basically.

Every bit of data is being collected from engines and turbines to temperature and speed, and that makes for a safe journey for Joe, who, by now, is on the beach and not so average. Splunk. Machines are talking, are you listening?