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Splunk Partners

Google Cloud

Accelerate Transformation and Improve Digital Resilience

Today’s business technology environments are intensely complex and dynamic. IT, security, and DevOps teams must contend with an exponentially increasing number of elements — multi and hybrid clouds, microservices, containers, serverless functions, IoT, etc. — that are ephemeral, boundless, and interdependent. To gain control over this ever-increasing complexity, organizations need a single platform in which they can view, monitor, troubleshoot, and remediate security and performance issues enterprise-wide. Splunk and Google Cloud are partnering together to increase your digital resilience and your ability to keep systems and apps performing smoothly. Innovative solutions streamline integrations between Splunk and Google Cloud services and supercharge your ability to stay on top of all your technology with massive scalability, unmatched breadth of data ingestion, powerful analysis, and automation.

  • Gain full visibility and observability across the most complex technology ecosystems
  • Deliver superior digital services to improve customer experience, innovate faster, and run services with greater resilience
  • Centralized management ensures the right information gets in front of the right person at the right time

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Turn Data into Doing With Splunk Cloud on Google Cloud

Onboard your data regardless of where it exists, organize it, and analyze it to get actionable insights for driving business outcomes.

Proactively Monitoring SAP Systems in the Cloud with Splunk

White Paper

Proactively Monitoring SAP Systems in the Cloud with Splunk

Splunk brings in all the SAP and non-SAP data across the customer’s vast hybrid and multi-cloud environments and makes it easy for administrators to maintain the infrastructure. It helps customers make confident, data-driven SAP cloud migration decisions to accelerate their business, fuel growth, and meet increasing demand.

Splunkbase Add-on

Splunk Add-on for Google Cloud

The Splunk Add-on for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) allows a Splunk software administrator to collect (GCP) events, logs, performance metrics and billing data using Google Cloud Platform API.

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