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AAA Data-Driven Roadside Assistance
Delivers superior customer service through real-time monitoring and proactive routing of calls.
Academy Sports & Outdoor Increases Website Uptime to 99.7%
Maintains the health of the business and improves customer experience by reducing outage impacts.
Adobe Adopts Splunk Operational Intelligence Platform
Provides in-depth, real-time visibility into machine data across the organization.
AdvancedMD Strengthens Customer Satisfaction With Insight From Splunk ITSI
Gains advanced reporting capabilities, visibility into infrastructure and critical applications.
Aflac Adopts Splunk Platform for Analytics-Driven Security
Insurer blocks more than two million security threats.
Amaya Gaming Experiences Smarter Development
Eases troubleshooting and development across 80 applications.
American University of Sharjah Improves Security Posture
Saves more than $25,000 (USD) per month in bandwidth costs through better monitoring.
analyticsMD Improves Care With Machine Learning and Real-Time Analytics
Keeps a finger on the pulse of HIPAA-compliant data.
Anaplan Improves Product Delivery
Optimizes product performance for more than 80,000 licensed users.
ASICS Automates Incident Management And Resolution
Improves operational efficiency and security with real-time visibility into incidents and threats.
Atlassian Adopts Splunk Software for Security
Uses Splunk solutions as an analytics-driven approach to improve security.
Aurizon Sees Cost Savings, Gains Performance With Splunk Cloud
Reduces monthly operating costs while improving performance.
Autodesk Saves Time and CapEx Costs With Splunk on AWS
Offers critical operational and security-related insights.
Avanza Ensures Superior Customer Experience
Continously improves customer service and website availability.
B2W Ensures Customer Satisfaction
Processes massive amounts of information to get products delivered on time to happy customers.
Backupify Uses Splunk Cloud
Correlates and monitors events across disparate data sources and saves development time.
Baylor University Boosts Visibility Across the Educational Enterprise
Gains insight into the network, infrastructure and apps critical for compliance and security.
Biopharma Leader Gets Ahead of Security Threats
Analytics-driven SIEM in the cloud helps reduce security investigation and resolution times.
BlackRock Expands Use of Splunk Enterprise as Security Intelligence Platform
Expands usage to address a broader range of requirements.
Blackstone Automates Malware Investigations With Splunk Phantom
Dramatically reduces time to investigate malware alerts.
Bosch Optimizes its Systems: Splunk in Healthcare
Identifies software and hardware issues.
BrightEdge Boosts Security With Splunk Cloud
Realizes immediate time and headcount savings, and ensures compliance.
CanDeal Streamlines Security and IT Operations With Splunk Enterprise
Improves security posture and increases operational efficiencies.
Cardinal Health Standardizes on Splunk Enterprise
Relies on Splunk software as data analytics platform.
Carnival Navigates Sea of Data With Splunk
Enables secure transactions across land and sea, ensures the booking process meets customer expectations and generates revenue. Drives Revenue Generation and Cost Reduction
Improves customer experience while cutting capital expenditures.
CenturyLink Finds New Solutions, From Switchboards to Dashboards
Gains mission-critical monitoring, executive-level visibility and improved resolution time.
Cerner Achieves Real-Time Operational Visibility Into Healthcare
Improves business process efficiency in complex healthcare transactions.
Cerved Increases Service Availability for Customers
More strategic use of data allows for better decision making across company and ISO27000 compliance.
Ceryx Improves Business IT Service Integrity
Improves staff and workflow efficiencies and gains a 3x return on investment.
Chandler Police Department Proactively Manages Systems Vital to Public Safety
Detailed visibility and intelligence into activites with stronger security for networked resources.
Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose Improves Security
Increases protection from fraud, reduces spam by 98% and saves thousands of dollars annually.
Cie Games Drives Business Intelligence for Top Ranking Game, Car Town
Gives the Car Town team everything it needs to model and monitor the user experience.
City of Gold Coast Gains Real-Time Visibility for the Commonwealth Games
Splunk Cloud and ES provide actionable insights to improve security threat detection and response.
City of Los Angeles Integrates Real-Time Security Intelligence
Monitors citywide risks across 40+ city agencies and reduces operational costs.
CJO Shopping Gains Real-Time Insights and Boosts Cost Savings by 50%
Improves operational efficiencies with real-time data analytics into consumer behavior.
CloudShare Gains Cloud Insight and Visibility Across Entire Organization
Increases customer conversion and retention rates and gains better visibility end-to-end.
Coca-Cola Transforms Marketing Initiative with Splunk Enterprise
Analyzes data, implements targeted marketing and improves customer service.
Cognia Improves Customer Experience With Full Visibility Into Mobile Services
Manages compliance and improves customer experiences through proactive troubleshooting.
Comcast Improves Video and Mobile App Experience
Improves the customer experience for its video and mobile applications.
Concur Uses the Splunk App for Windows
Monitors performance, events and application usage throughout the entire infrastructure.
Corporation Service Company Transforms User Experience
Gains rapid, real-time insights into the massive amount of data it processes for companies.
Cox Automotive Scales and Uses Deep Visibility for Customer Satisfaction
Proactively monitors infrastructure to ensure consistent customer service for interested buyers.
Cricket Communications Assures Automated Service Management
Reveals trends in business metrics as well as insight on the functionality of systems.
Crossroads Foundation Gains Operational Visibility Into Mission-Critical Systems
Allows Crossroads Foundation to efficiently maintain a high-level IT infrastructure.
CSAA, a AAA Company, Gains End-to-End Visibility
Translates technical metrics to customer satisfaction.
DB Cargo Gains Real-Time Fleet Analytics
Improves locomotive availability, reduces downtime, enhances customer service and lowers maintenance costs.
Digital Services Provider Improves Security Posture
Gains real-time reporting, SOC 2 Type II compliance with Splunk SIEM.
Discovery Communications Bolsters Its Security Posture
Gains full operational visibility into the health of its online services.
Domino’s Pizza Transforms E-Commerce With Splunk Enterprise
Strengthens online business through new levels of customer interaction and understanding.
Dubai Airports Flies Into the Future With Splunk
Improves service and security for millions of travelers.
Duke University Gains Powerful Security Insights and Fraud Protection
Reducing incident investigation and remediation from hours to minutes.
e-Travel Achieves $12 Million Return On Investment
Improves customer experience, product development, revenue and margins.
Econocom Delivers Better Services to Customers
Streamlines event management process; can better meet SLAs.
Edenred Singapore Uses Splunk Enterprise to Increase Efficiency
Bridges gap between technology and business with proactive operations monitoring.
EnerNOC Gains Visibility Into AWS Environment, Enhances Security
Mitigates risk of production outages, and streamlines implementation of security best practices.
EnerNOC Lowers Energy Consumption and Accelerates App Delivery
Enhances user experience, improves DevOps collaboration.
ENGIE Global Markets Ensures Key Trading Application Performance With Splunk ITSI
Engie experiences faster resolution of business impacting issues and a holistic view of service health.
Entrust Datacard Corporation Gains Unified Infrastructure Monitoring With Splunk
Reduces the number of monitoring tools required while increasing coverage.
Equinix Adopts Innovative Splunk Cloud-Based SIEM
Delivers highest levels of security with multi-faceted global security infrastructure.
Fairfax County Protects Citizen Data Using Splunk Enterprise Security in the Cloud
Supports more than 50 county agencies, reduces security reporting from two weeks to real time.
FamilySearch Moves to Continuous Delivery and Gains Real-Time Visibility
Maintains higher update release frequency and monitors to immediately detect website changes.
Ferguson Customer Service Profits With Splunk Cloud
Aligns organizational resources with customer needs to build stronger customer relationships.
Finanz Informatik Relies on Splunk Enterprise to Optimize Risk Management
Improves analytics across multiple environments and better protects customer data.
FINRA Protects American Investors With Splunk Cloud and AWS
Gains visibility into most U.S. stock and options market transactions.
First Data Uses Splunk for Security Intelligence
Detects potential advanced threats by performing real-time correlations across various data sources.
Forschungszentrum Jülich Uses Splunk Enterprise as its Companywide Platform
Accelerates problem identification and increases efficiency across its IT infrastructure.
GoodData Supports Business Growth With Splunk
Ensures its customer platform is ready to handle any amount of data.
Graphmasters Ensures Performance and Accuracy of Navigation App
Delivers real-time insights into app performance and traffic feed accuracy.
Groupon Uses Splunk Solutions for IT, Security and Business Operations
Improves user experience and safeguards business across channels.
HealthTrans Improves Customer Satisfaction With Splunk
Streamlines claim processing and experiences more than $700,000 ROI annually.
Heartland Automotive Protects Brand Reputation, Secures Data
Gains SIEM and insider threat protection solution with 25 percent less TCO.
Hong Kong's Vessel Traffic Center Gains Real-Time Port Operations Visibility
Automated operations reduce vessel tracking time from tens of minutes to seconds, improve accuracy.
Hostworks Gains Real-Time Insights Into Web and Operational Intelligence
Gathers metrics across its web properties to optimize content delivery and increase user engagement.
HurricaneLabs Uses Splunk Python SDK to Deliver Real-Time Security Intelligence
Correlates security events across different services and industries.
Hutchison Global Communications Improves Customer Retention
Gains real-time insights into website performance for optimized content delivery.
Hyatt Reduces MTTR and Gives Developers More Time to Innovate
Gains faster mean time to resolution, increases developer productivity and improves customer experience.
IDT Corporation Uses Splunk Enterprise as a Core Business Platform
Achieves around the clock monitoring for securing and troubleshooting IDT's global telecom network.
Imprivata Manages Containerized Environment Securely With Splunk Cloud
Frees DevOps teams to focus on high priority business needs and streamlines security compliance.
Indiana University Earns Highest Marks with Splunk
Scales data management, reduces threats and increases compliance.
InfoTeK Delivers Security Intelligence Platform for Public Sector Customer
Achieves a 75 percent cost reduction to support its SIEM.
ING Bank Śląski S.A. Makes Business Decisions With Greater Customer Insights
Gains real-time visibility into its operations and performance while enhancing business analytics.
InstaCab Gains a Critical Operational Advantage With Splunk
Reveals city hotspots where taxi fares could be waiting and what times they can expect more demand.
Integra's SOC Uses Splunk ES to Detect, Prevent and Respond to Attacks
Provides customers with 24/7 security analysis for the Integra network and services.
Intelliflo Enables Next Generation Financial Advice
Improves client-centric software development process and improves mean time to resolution.
Interac Uses Splunk for Security and to Improve Business Performance
Accelerates security investigations and easily detects and aggregates threats and anomalies.
Intermedia Builds an Instant Security Operations Center With Splunk Cloud
Speeds up business processes and improves cost savings through efficiencies and reduced staffing.
Intuit Uses Splunk Solutions to Drive Operational Intelligence
Innovates and delivers the world's leading business and financial management solutions.
iRhythm Tracks Massive Amounts of Big Data With Splunk Enterprise
Improves business process management, increases productivity, performance and HIPAA compliance.
iZettle Tackles Compliance Requirements, Improves Product Delivery
Gains greater insight into the full product delivery lifecycle.
Jabil Trusts Splunk Enterprise Security as Global Security Nerve Center
Provides real-time analysis of machine data to detect, respond and prevent security threats.
Japan Net Bank Gains Real-Time Visibility Into Cybersecurity Risks
Gains real-time visibility into cybersecurity risks to go extra mile in combating cyberattacks.
John Lewis Online Growth Supported by Splunk Enterprise
Gains real-time operational insights to make better business decisions.
Karavel Gains Detailed Visibility Into its IT Infrastructure
Enhances customer experience with real-time error identification and improved response time.
Kurt Geiger Uses Insight Into Machine Data to Support Global Websites
Provides real-time insight to ensure an optimum customer experience.
Lansforsakringar Builds Business on Data Insights
Monitors data from services, systems and browsers in real time to identify potential issues.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s National Ignition Facility
Unlocks clean energy potential, safeguards U.S. nuclear stockpile with Splunk.
LCAD Gains Centralized Visibility With Splunk Light
Increases IT efficiency, reduces bandwidth costs and maintains federal compliance.
Leidos Taps Splunk ITSI for Better Event Management
Gains a real-time correlation and rules engine to automate event handling.
London Gatwick Airport Trusts Splunk Cloud for Operational Intelligence
Gains real-time view of airport performance ensuring efficiency for 38 million annual passengers.
LUMO Energy Optimizes Revenue and Operations With Splunk Enterprise
Optimizes its SCADA system to increase cost savings and operational efficiencies.
Maastricht University Improves Security and Gains Visibility Into IT Operations
Saves weeks of manpower and delivers improved services. Increases Performance and Availability Through Operational Intelligence
Offers real-time business insights and enhanced customer service.
Managing Operational Risk for Maximum Reward
Learn how a managed services and ERP consulting firm managed their operational risk for maximum rewards with Splunk.
Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency Modernizes IT Operations
Saves hours weekly on compliance reporting and improves anomaly detection to identify and prevent security breaches.
Maryland’s Prince George’s County Mission-Ready
Improves government efficiency and transparency to better serve constituents.
MBDA Germany Gains Visibility Across Entire Infrastructure
Protects sensitive missile manufacturing information from advanced threats.
MBSD Reduces Incident Response Time
Enhances security posture with faster threat detection and analysis.
McKenney's Helps Customers Save Energy and Optimize Operations
Gains visibility from thousands of devices using the Internet of Things.
Message Bus Develops, Delivers and Optimizes Its Cloud-Based Service
Decreases time-to-market of critical services and applications.
Micron Technology Transforms IT Operations and Business
Reduces business-impacting IT incidents by more than 50%.
Middlesex Hospital Secures Records and Ensures Compliance With Splunk Software
Enhances patient privacy measures and IT system development.
MindTouch Grows Customer Success with Splunk Cloud
Triples customer base without needing to increase DevOps headcount.
Molina Healthcare Gains Healthy Advantage With Splunk Enterprise and Splunk ITSI
Mining data to improve health care services, ensuring revenue-generating claims engine runs smoothly.
MTR Benefits From Automated Real-Time Visibility
Enhances operational efficiency and productivity, improves resource utilization and threat prevention.
Myriad Genetics Gets Results to Patients Faster
Delivers better health predictions with Splunk as platform for Operational Intelligence
NAPAS Ensures Seamless Operations With Real-Time Business Visibility
Gets full operational visibility to achieve IT infrastructure monitoring transparency.
Nasdaq Uses Splunk UBA for Deep Insights Into Insider Threats
Speeds security investigations by more than 50 percent and drives efficiencies in data gathering.
Networld Technology Ltd. Gains Real-Time Visibility Into Business Processes
Gains seamless IT system and website monitoring and improved revenue tracking.
New York’s RIC One Project Improves Statewide Operations, Accelerates Student Learning
Splunk platform enables districts to implement new IT solutions with ease, ensures data privacy and is cost-effective.
Nexon Korea Corporation Improves Customer Experience With Splunk Solutions
Accelerates incident response and enhances customer experience through real-time data analysis.
NHS Choices Delivers Critical Online Services with Splunk Software
Increases troubleshooting speed and enhances web traffic management.
Nordstrom Optimizes Point-of-Sale Operations
Manages mobile point-of-sale data to enhance customer experience and improve sales.
OhioHealth Accelerates Incident Investigations With Splunk Solutions
Enables cross-platform event correlation and analysis to reduce cost and improve security.
Ohio State University Enhances Security Visibility with Splunk Solutions
Enables end-to-end visibility and real-time troubleshooting.
Okko Delivers Operational Intelligence Via Executive Dashboards
Improves customer satisfaction and optimizes capacity planning.
Ongame Achieves a 16x ROI With Splunk Solutions
Optimizes 24x7 online gaming service delivery and minimizes downtime.
OOCL Improves Operational Visibility Into Infrastructure and Logistics
Optimizes service delivery and logistics reliability.
Orion Optimizes Operational Efficiency While Increasing Users
Manages backend user traffic and optimizes scaling.
Orrstown Bank Improves Security With Splunk Solutions
Enhances security to reduce fraud losses by 50 percent.
Otto Group Keeps Running 24/7 With Real-Time Operational Intelligence
Enhances customer experience across multiple channels and speeds software deployment.
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Automates Solutions With Splunk ITSI
Reuses threshold values to detect and automate solutions without having to hardcode anything.
PagerDuty Ensures End-to-End Visibility With Splunk Cloud and Amazon Web Services
Saves 30 percent over prior service and gains highly available cloud services.
PagSeguro Enhances Customer Experience With Operational Visibility
Gains full visibility into infrastructure and improves PCI compliance.
PEXA Drives Digital Transformation
Offers PEXA greater operational visibility into system health and uncompromised customer experience.
Ping Identity Reduces Troubleshooting Time by 70%
Achieves personnel savings of $630,000 annually while enhancing product and business intelligence.
PostFinance Delivers Improved Fraud Detection and Enhances Customer Experience
Improves operational visibility to streamline fraud detection and increase threat response speed.
Progressive Selects Splunk Cloud for IT Operations and Business Analytics
Consolidates system, application and web log data in real time to proactively troubleshoot issues.
PSCU Safeguards Reliability, Security Through VictorOps and Splunk Enterprise
Reduces mean time to acknowledge from four hours to less than two minutes, drives efficient security monitoring for PCI compliance.
QUT Gains Operational Visibility into Systems to Lead in Big Data Scholarship
Enhances visibility into web applications and student and academic management systems.
Rackspace, No.1 Managed Cloud Company, Automates Phishing Investigations
Splunk Phantom increases efficiency, enables team to focus on investigations that require human insight.
Raymond James Gains Fast Time to Value With Splunk Cloud
Splunk Cloud SIEM frees staff to focus on higher-value tasks.
Recursion Pharma Targets 100 Genetic Diseases With Splunk and Machine Learning
Gains time to value in three days, with complex laboratory adoption complete in only three months.
REI Gains Edge Protection With Splunk Cloud and AWS
Gains end-to-end security visibility and real-time insight into potential threats.
Retailer Prevents Attacks With Splunk SIEM in the Cloud
Reduces security incident investigation times and identifies threats faster.
RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science Enhances Uptime and Security
Efficiently analyzes log outputs from advanced supercomputer technology.
RMS Gains Operational Insight Into Cloud-Based SaaS Offering
Instantly quantifies customer demand and ensures smooth service delivery.
Rokt improves predictability and martech service with advanced analytics
Gains real-time visibility into IT operations to improve predictability.
Sacramento County Sheriff’s Dept. Fights Crime with Big Data Analytics
Holistic visualizations and real-time access to crime statistics provides better operational insights.
SAIC Builds New World-Class Security Operations Center
Enhances security posture and decreases incident detection and remediation times by 80%.
Sandia National Labs Teams With Splunk for Advanced Threat Intelligence
Empowers analysts with a collaborative framework for fast and consistent threat identification and response.
SaskTel Gains Fast ROI, Embraces Enterprise-Wide Analytics Strategy
Speeds time to introduce new products to market, protects customer privacy and ensures excellent customer service standards.
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Gains Visibility Into NetApp Storage Systems
Gains a single pane-of-glass view into systems throughout the enterprise.
Seven Bank Fights Financial Crimes With Real-Time Analytics
Gains visibility into threats, streamlines fraud analysis and improves risk management.
Shaw Industries Breaks Production Records With Splunk IoT
Improves work order lead times, increases sample panel production output and enhances energy efficiency.
Shazam Uses Real-Time Reporting to Drive Improved User Engagement and Revenue
Enhances insights into product usage and advertising campaign performance.
Sierra-Cedar Uses Splunk for Security Intelligence
Delivers context and flexibility needed to deal with increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats.
SMSGlobal Gains Real-Time Visibility Into Customer Needs and System Health
Maximizes marketing effectiveness, automates threat intelligence and optimizes compliance management.
SMS Masterminds Enhances Security and Improves System Functionality
Saves operating costs and provides real-time insights into product usage and customer behavior.
SNAP Gains Insights into Customer Behavior and Continuous Deployment
Enhances customer experience by accelerating DevOps and responding to user behavior in real time.
Socialize Leverages Splunk Analytics Solution to Drive Revenue
Extracts critical business intelligence from user-generated data.
SONIFI Solutions, Inc. Creates Seamless Reporting, Saves Thousands of Dollars Annually
Reduces reporting time from days to minutes, and answers customer questions about five times faster than before.
SPIEGEL-Verlag Saves Resources With Proactive Error Prevention
Reduces error response time and prevents content downtime on the world's most popular German site.
Splunk Solutions Highlighted in NIST Cybersecurity Guide
Helps financial institutions to reduce risk and enable faster response to security threats
Staples Optimizes Service Delivery with Splunk Solutions
Reduces troubleshooting times with real-time, end-to-end visibility across its environment.
State of Louisiana Improves Citizen Experience, Saves $70 Million in IT Consolidation
State adopts shared services model, streamlines IT and centralizes data management.
Student Job Search Enables Informed Decision-Making With Real-Time Visualization
Achieves 90% faster monthly reporting cycle and boosts marketing with dynamic planning.
Surescripts Protects Doctors and Patients Through Improved Fraud Detection
Increases automation of daily fraud checks and deepens historical data fraud analysis.
Surfdome Upgrades E-Commerce Performance With Operational Intelligence
Uses increased visibility into systems to increase uptime and optimize customer experience.
Surrey Satellite Gains End-to-End Visibility With Splunk ITSI
Supports engineers and researchers by ensuring IT services are accessible, reliable and secure.
SurveyMonkey Optimizes Site Performance and Reduces Licensing Costs by 45%
Streamlines integration of new data sources and reduces licensing costs through tool consolidation.
Swisslos Increases Uptime, Improves Customer Experience and Security
Smoothly integrates new games onto its platform using scalable analytics tools.
Symantec Enhances Security and Ensures Compliance With Splunk Solutions
Centralizes, monitors and analyzes security-related data with Splunk Enterprise.
Telenor Gains Insight for Troubleshooting and Improved Security
Proactively investigates and solves IT issues with custom dashboards, ad hoc searches and reporting.
Tesco Accelerates Development Through Deep Understanding of Customer Behavior
Gains real-time insights into live transactions to reduce MTTI/MTTR by 95%.
The Nevada Department of Transportation Improves Security and Operations
Enhances public safety and optimizes security posture.
The State of Alaska Streamlines Security and Assesses Potential Threats
Identifies threats to government data in one consolidated view.
TiVo Monitors Customer Experience to Ensure Reliable Delivery of Service
Enhances service offerings through real-time customer experience monitoring and reporting.
TradeMe Uses Multi-Channel Analytics to Optimize User Experience
Uses real-time insights at an operational level for a single pane view into customer behavior.
Trane Upholds Green Building Practices
Enhances performance with complete real-time visibility and predictive insights across disparate industrial assets.
TransAlta Teams With Splunk for Security and Operational Intelligence
Cost savings of up to $1 million, fast time to value with no training required.
TransUnion Invests in Splunk Solutions for Enterprise Monitoring, Machine Learning
Provides reliable transaction processing to meet customer SLAs and increase revenue.
Travis Perkins PLC Adopts Analytics-Driven SIEM
Enables a lean SOC and reduces security incident investigation time
TrueCar Drives Success With Splunk Cloud and Amazon Web Services
Accelerates software and product development, repurposes data for better security and business insights.
Ubisoft Integrates Splunk Enterprise as Part of its Online API Management Strategy
Helps ensure better games, happier gamers and a healthier bottom line.
UCAS Enhances Customer Service Through Improved Application Management
Uses visibility into 650,000 applications per year to improve student experience.
UCAS Gains Real-Time Security Visibility Across the Business
Delivers security assurance with Splunk Cloud and Splunk Enterprise Security.
UniCredit Delivers Omni-Channel Excellence With Real-Time Operational Insights
Gains end to end visibility and reduces mean time to repair by 70%.
Union Hospital Heightens Visibility Into Security Landscape
Accelerates application development and testing with full visibility into Microsoft architecture.
University of Adelaide Gains Operational Visibility Into Growing Data Volume
Automates log search capabilities to save hundreds of hours in security analyst time.
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Boosts Achievement With Learning Analytics
Extends return on investment by reusing data across IT operations, learning analytics and help desk support.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Gains Deep Insight Into Applications
Creates a central data repository and saves hundreds of troubleshooting hours.
University of San Francisco Promotes Efficiency and Increases Transparency With Splunk Cloud SIEM
Improves security posture and ensures payment card industry (PCI) compliance.
University of Texas at Austin Ensures Network Security Across Campus
Identifies and creates signatures for novel threats to streamline security operations.
University of Washington Gains Visibility Into Infrastructure and Applications
Delivers real-time analysis and understanding of data across IT systems and infrastructure.
up366 Maximizes Data Value With Real-Time Operations Monitoring
Real-time data monitoring and precise data access accelerates problem solving.
Valve Uses Splunk Software to Support Business Growth
Enhances IT operations and security stance with Splunk Enterprise.
Vantrix Gains Business Intelligence from Customer Data
Optimizes video content for customers using large scale data analysis.
VenueNext Helps Grow Businesses and Brings Fans Superior Experiences
Delivers visibility into facility operations, reducing waste and maximizing revenue.
Viasat Transforms IT Operations Through Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics
Protects customer experience, accelerates network-event remediation and enhances security.
VINCI Manages Workforce Resources and Improves Bottom Line With Splunk Solutions
Ensures round-the-clock availability, access from varied devices and improved customer experience.
Vodafone Gains Actionable Insights for In-Depth Issue Investigation
Empowers teams across the business with custom KPIs.
WGT Golf Gains Operational Visibility Into Game Performance With Splunk Light
Indexes critical system logs in order to detect abnormalities and gain operational visibility.
Yelp Standardizes on Splunk to Complement Open Source Tools & Democratize its Data
Splunk helps ensure excellent food delivery service at Yelp24
Yokogawa Achieves Real-Time DevOps Visibility
Enhances quality and effectiveness by turning data into dynamic insights.
ZeniMax Online Studios Selects Splunk as its Engine for Machine Data
Indexes gameplay and development logs to derive business intelligence.
Zeppelin Reduces Customer Downtime, Improves System Performance
Manufacturing troubleshooting moves from reactive to proactive.
Zillow Gains Real-Time Enterprise-Wide Visibility Into Site Operations
Correlates user-generated data with application performance for enhanced website experience.
Zillow Helps Customers Find Their Way Home With Machine Learning
Saves millions of dollars by reducing website outages, improves customer website experience.
zulily Flash Sale Site Boosts Productivity and Adds Value to Applications
Increases productivity in warehouse fulfillment and photo studio operations.
2degrees Gains Real-Time Operational Insights
Enables proactive management and performance visibility across its systems.
7-Eleven Indonesia Cuts Campaign Lead Times by 80%
Gains real-time insights into business processes and executes marketing campaigns faster.
8 Securities Gains Full Operational Visibility
Ensures superior customer experience.
99Bill Ensures Always-On Operations
Gains visibility and real-time insights to enhance security and improve the customer experience.
Business Insights On-The-Fly
Improves site experience, customer retention, adoption rates and revenue by $2.9 million annually.
Detecting Insider Threats
Safeguards financial data, proactive enforcement of security policies.
Federal Agency Gains Visibility to Troubleshoot Across Disparate Systems
Serves internal customers with improved app delivery, security, and network troubleshooting.
Financial Services Company Achieves $6 Million in Annual ROI
Leverages a large number of distributed applications that generate millions of events per day.
Financial Services Company Adds Use Case to Update Compliance Measures
Expands use of Splunk Enterprise to adhere to complex compliance requirements.
Financial Services Company Gains Actionable Security Intelligence With Splunk Enterprise Security (ES)
Security searches and alerts in seconds with Splunk ES versus multiple minutes with legacy SIEM.
Financial Services Provider Delivers Analytics and Security Intelligence
Gains visibility into transaction data to solve critical compliance issues.
Global Distribution Company Gains Insight Into Machine Data Across Its Business
Enables high-performance web monitoring and real-time IT/business insights.
Global Retailer Detects Online Fraud With Greater Visibility and Insight
Reduces security vulnerabilities and improves security posture.
Healthcare Firm Saves an Estimated $14 Million
Correlates real-time monitoring events across all layers of claim processing chain.
Higher Education Organization Standardizes Its Testing on Splunk Solutions
Reduces manual diagnotics and searching and eliminates need for a 12-person grading team.
Improving Manufacturing Processes at a Semiconductor Fabrication Facility
Monitors manufacture process and makes real-time corrective actions.
Leading Online Travel Company Uses Splunk Platform to Consolidate Data and Tools
Enables online travel company to report significant ROI from various sources.
Luxury Retailer Replaces Legacy SIEM With Analytics-Driven SIEM
Prevents security breaches, mitigates fraud and ensures Payment Card Industry compliance.
Manufacturing Company Automates With Splunk Enterprise Security SIEM
Provides single pane of glass for incident investigation and management.
Media Company Grows Its Audience by 17% in One Year
Combines and correlates operational and performance data from many sources to optimize offerings.
No More IT War Rooms
Keeps critical customer-facing systems healthy and profitable.
Retail Company Finds Order in the Chaos With Splunk Software
Enables support and operations teams to detect problems before impacting customers.
SaaS Company Determines Highest Value Leads With Splunk Enterprise
Converts sales leads into paying customers by identifying highest-valued customer prospects.
Shoring Up the Safety Net
Improving application delivery at a state government agency.
Single Source of Truth
Gains enterprise-wide business visibility by Splunking multiple petabytes per day.
Splunk Enterprise Supports SCADA Systems to Secure Pipeline at Energy Company
Increases operational and security visibility and improves performance to boost bottom line.
Telecom Company Builds a Better Business Process
Provides real-time visibility into sales and marketing data while reducing infrastructure downtime.
US Government Cabinet-Level Department Reduces Costs, Improves Security Posture
Saves $900,000 annually on legacy software maintenance, reduces security investigation time from hours to minutes.