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An Introductory Use Case Guide: Splunk Artificial Intelligence for Observability

The past few years, organizations have had to cope with disruption on a global scale, with business resilience being tested like never before. Observability is a modern approach to monitoring that uses AI and ML to provide visibility and context across complex systems, increasing system security and reliability.

In this guide, you’ll learn about Splunk’s observability solution through use cases across IT and OT domains. You’ll read about:

  • An introduction to AI and ML in observability
  • The Splunk AI/ML portfolio
  • How to start your AI/ML project
  • Cross-industry use cases for Splunk observability

Read “An Introductory Use Case Guide: Splunk Artificial Intelligence for Observability” to learn how organizations use anomaly detection, predictive analytics and clustering in Splunk to decrease downtime and foster innovation.

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