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Digital Customer Experience

Power innovative digital experiences

Drive superior customer engagement with optimized web and mobile interactions.

Build and secure seamless digital experiences – all with Splunk.

market faster

Deliver dynamic experiences

Keep your customers engaged with faster, more reliable digital interactions.

deliver experiences

Fuel innovation with data-driven insights

Rapidly identify signal from the noise to find opportunities for innovation.

build trust

Build trust with customers

Detect threats and prevent issues before they occur, while maintaining compliance and data privacy.


Deliver flawlessly when every interaction counts

Customers are voting with their wallets for the very best experiences with organizations they trust. Three foundational requirements are needed to deliver on customer expectations:

  • Performance: A split-second difference in performance can make or break an experience.
  • Innovation: Organizations that aren’t anticipating market demands will get left behind.
  • Security: Data breaches destroy reputations.

Splunk unifies and powers all three by providing the data platform for your digital experience engine.

deliver flawlessy

Our Solution

Deliver on the foundational pillars of digital customer experience

Splunk’s extensible data platform enables organizations to build, optimize and secure digital interactions across the full stack.


The Splunk platform

harness data

Harness all of your data to improve digital experience

actionable insights

Get actionable insights to satisfy customers

build for scale

Build for scale

The technology you use to delight your customers is constantly changing but your data platform shouldn’t have to. Future-proof your digital experience engine with the platform that can work seamlessly with any data from any source at any scale, at any point in the cloud journey and provide insights across security, IT and DevOps.

Security and compliance

Security can seem at odds with the realities of a fast-moving business. But what if it could be an enabler instead?

Move faster while earning customer trust. Leverage data and analytics to quickly monitor, investigate, analyze and detect threats, while automating response playbooks and ensuring compliance.

security and compliance


Faster detection, triage, investigation and remediation



Time saved for audit and compliance

Full stack service insights

Every second of service downtime or slowdown hurts the bottom line. But disconnected tools make it difficult to connect services across the stack with business outcomes in order to identify, prioritize and resolve issues.

Find and fix problems fast with full-stack visibility and predictive analytics powered by AI and ML. Reduce time to respond with event-correlation and automated incident prioritization, and drive business impact with dashboards to track overall service health, not just individual systems.

full stack insights


Reduction in customer-facing incidents


45 min

Advanced prediction of outages

Digital Experience Monitoring to drive better customer experiences

With 80-90% of end-user wait times spent on the frontend, blindspots in how your frontend is performing can make it hard to detect and prevent problems — ultimately risking customers leaving your site or app.

Access complete front-end data from the user experience, network and web browser to proactively detect, communicate and resolve issues across your interaction channels before your customers notice.

drive better customer experiences

Up to 30%

Decreased website load time

APM to power innovation

DevOps teams can spend all their time trying to identify the root cause of issues, rather than developing new features or optimizing performance.

Free up developers’ time by helping them understand service dependencies, eliminate errors and reduce downtime, so they can spend more time innovating for customers.

apm to power innovation


Faster detection and pinpointing of issues



Improvement in developer efficiency

Infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting

It’s harder than ever to manage performance across the highly distributed IT environment. Yet even the slightest change in performance can lead to drastic impacts on customer experience.

Proactively detect, alert and direct investigations with visibility and control across your full stack. AI-driven, actionable insights reduce event noise and predict future degradation.

infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting


Faster problem detection



Reduction in high priority incidents

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Customer Story
Tesco: Digitizing to Deliver the Essentials
During the COVID-19 crisis, Tesco relied on Splunk to scale its online business across thousands of stores and double online deliveries.

Splunk is embedded as part of the core nervous system of our operations. Splunk’s ease of use and versatility have enabled us to deliver against both business and technology use cases that would have otherwise been impossible.

Chirag Shah, Head of Technology, Group Monitoring, Tesco

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