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Splunk Education | Policies

LAST UPDATED: February 15, 2024

SELF-PACED TRAINING: Self-paced eLearning courses can be accessed for one year (12 months). Paid eLearning (eLearning with labs) allows for 3 lab accesses of four hours each. Labs must be completed in one session to earn a completion certificate. Access to self-paced classes and the labs cannot be extended or reset. Each class can only be completed once. Students are expected to start class within 30 days of registration.

CANCELLATION: Registrations for instructor-led training must be dropped at least 7 days prior to the start of class for a full refund. You agree to pay the full list price for each registered course (irrespective of the amount paid) for failing to cancel at least 7 days prior to the course start date and/or failing to attend the complete course (all days). Registrations can be dropped from within the Splunk Training and Enablement Platform (STEP). Registrations for eLearning cannot be cancelled.

PRE-REQUISITES: By registering for a class, you agree that you have reviewed and completed the listed pre-requisite courses and/or have the recommended knowledge or hands-on experience. Instructors cannot review material from pre-requisite classes. Splunk reserves the right to cancel enrollments for students who have not met the prerequisites. If a cancellation or reschedule is requested due to a lack of pre-requisite knowledge, after the class has begun, the standard cancellation policy above will apply, without exception.

CANCELLATION BY SPLUNK: Class sessions may be canceled or rescheduled at our discretion. If you are registered for a class that is canceled, you will be notified in advance, and you will be offered an alternative registration.

COURSE AVAILABILITY and PRICING: Splunk reserves the right to update or retire content as needed. Pricing is subject to change.

ATTENDANCE/COMPLETION: In order to pass/complete each instructor-led class or lab, either in-person or online, students are expected to attend the lecture for each day of class, and are expected to successfully complete lab work assigned to them before the deadline specified by the instructor. Failure to perform either may result in the student failing the class. Self-paced eLearning classes require completing all modules, quizzes, and labs to pass.

SPLUNK EDUCATION UNITS USAGE: Splunk Education Training Units expire one year from the date of purchase. Instructor-led training paid with training units must start by the expiration date. NOTE: Please consult with your organization if you have questions about whether you have permission/consent from your organization to consume training units.

EMAIL COMMUNICATION ABOUT YOUR COURSE: Splunk Education will send you email communications about your course. By enrolling in this course, you acknowledge and consent to receive these email communications from Splunk related to your course.

COURSE MATERIALS: An electronic copy of course materials is provided for each enrollment. Materials are for the enrolled individual's personal use. Course materials may not be printed, copied, or otherwise distributed. Course materials are accessible through STEP profiles.

RECORDING & ACCESSING COURSE CONTENT: Sessions may not be recorded, copied, or distributed in any way. Access is provided only to the registered individual and session joining information may not be shared.

SPLUNK EDUCATION ACCOUNTS: Enrolling in Splunk courses requires registration with Splunk. Accounts are subject to the Splunk Websites Terms and Conditions of Use, including: "Your user name and password are for your personal use only, and not for use by any other person. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any password you may use to access the Site, and agree not to lend or transfer your password or user name, or lend or otherwise transfer your use of or access to the Site, to any third party". The name registered on the Splunk account is the name that will be present on course completion certificates.