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Splunk Extends the Power of the Data-to-Everything Platform with Cloud and Machine Learning Advancements

Splunk updates core platform solutions including Data Stream Processor and Connected Experiences; brings capabilities to a broader variety of data

SAN FRANCISCO – May 27, 2020 – Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), provider of the Data-to-Everything Platform, today announced the latest enhancements to Splunk Cloud, Splunk Data Stream Processor (DSP) and Splunk Connected Experiences that enables customers to bring a broader variety of data to every decision, question and action. These improvements strengthen the foundational technologies of the Splunk platform and extend its cloud and machine learning (ML) capabilities.

As organizations adapt to new work environments and consider how to keep their businesses running and employees safe, cloud solutions are needed for organizations to scale their operations and support new growth. The benefits of the enhancements extend beyond the platform, resulting in improvements to premium solutions that help IT operations teams better predict and prevent problems with a unified monitoring experience, and for Security teams to better protect their businesses by modernizing and strengthening their cyber defense.

“As organizations evolve, they face many challenges including the transition from on-premises to the cloud, which increases operational complexity,” said Sendur Sellakumar, Chief Product Officer, Splunk. “With Splunk’s cloud and platform solutions, organizations can minimize those complexities and make the shift to the cloud with high scale and performance in order to achieve business value much faster.”

Splunk Helps Customers Shift to the Cloud with Accelerated Splunk Cloud Advancements

In order to allow customers to embrace their growing data sources, Splunk is bringing innovations faster to customers with Splunk Cloud and an accelerated release schedule for premium solutions on Splunk Cloud. Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) 4.5 for Splunk Cloud delivers a centralized framework for monitoring and investigation in one view, and enhanced service monitoring and event management features to support large deployments.

Available with Splunk Cloud or Splunk Enterprise, the Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit (MLTK) has been updated with a simplified, customizable interface that provides broader access of the tool to less technical users and removes many barriers for machine learning exploration. MLTK version 5.2 provides visualization capabilities, a new family of Smart Assistants offering step-by-step guided workflows and additional SPL commands for machine learning algorithms. This toolkit enables users to build models for needs like forecasting, clustering and outlier detection. The Splunk MLTK extends the value of the Splunk platform by enabling customers to act as citizen data scientists. Customers can apply machine learning to their data to identify actionable insights that can help deliver key services and valuable business outcomes. The Splunk MLTK 5.2 app is now available for download and is complimentary with any Splunk Cloud or Splunk Enterprise entitlement.

Splunk further expanded its cloud capabilities through a strategic partnership with Google Cloud that brings customers a single-pane view for investigating, monitoring, analyzing and acting on their data in Google Cloud’s infrastructure. Splunk Cloud on Google Cloud gives customers more options on their cloud journey with Splunk.

Splunk Strengthens Core IT, Security and DevOps Capabilities with Data Stream Processor 1.1

With the continued increase of data that exists in multiple locations across organizations, customers need help harnessing information wherever it is and get it to the right teams and systems, in order to generate real-time insights. Splunk DSP 1.1 is a real-time stream processing solution that continuously collects, processes, and delivers data to the Splunk platform or other destinations within milliseconds. The latest release brings customers more control, visibility and insights with the ability to collect data into a single unified location for better visibility and leverage advanced streaming capabilities. Additionally, DSP 1.1 lets organizations mask customer or sensitive information on the stream and then route data to different locations within their organization with data guarantees.

Splunk customer Mars has seen a consistent increase in appetite for data. Mars uses Splunk DSP to get data from disparate sources and platforms into one single view.

“Splunk has made it possible to get that single view of systems health while also offering smart ways of alerting, automating and remediating any possible issues,” said Antonio Guedes, security analytics lead, Mars. “As we mature with it, it’s become apparent that Splunk is the solution for our broader issues. Now, we have over 300 users all self-serving their own insights from Splunk.”

Splunk Connected Experiences Add Mobile Device Management to Analyze Data and Act on Insights Anywhere

Splunk Connected Experiences deliver insights on-the-go through augmented reality, virtual reality and mobile devices that provide users with the ability to securely access their data anywhere at any time. Splunk has expanded Connected Experiences capabilities to support popular mobile device management (MDM) providers such as MobileIron and AirWatch which allow customers to securely deploy Splunk Mobile at scale and bring Splunk solutions to an increasingly mobile workforce.

Organizations are seeing a shift in the way teams are working together, and they spend a significant amount of time creating security and corporate policies in order to help keep themselves safe and compliant with relevant regulations. With the addition of MDM support, Splunk provides out-of-the-box integrations designed to align to corporate MDM policies and further facilitate the use of Splunk Mobile in the workforce.

For more information on Splunk solutions, visit the Splunk website.

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