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Public Sector

Splunk for Public Sector Compliance

Better manage a compliant security posture

A Proven Platform for Automated Compliance

Splunk offers a proven, flexible and scalable monitoring and analytics platform to automate any compliance initiative. It removes the manual and ad-hoc data collection processes, bridges disjointed operations, automates monitoring and extends self-reporting to ease compliance efforts.


With Splunk’s proven platform for automated compliance, you can:
  • Gain unprecedented granular visibility into compliance posture in real time
  • Ensure a passing scorecard with easier audits and self-reporting
  • Improve efficiencies and accelerate time-to-value
  • Enable assessment of implementation and effectiveness of controls

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Thought Leadership

Working Smarter

What does National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) fellow Dr. Ron Ross say about compliance and security?

It’s more than a checklist — compliance is key to implementing a robust risk-based security program within your organization.

Why Do Organizations Prefer Splunk for Compliance?

Agencies can use Splunk as a single platform to automate compliance for a wide range of government regulations, especially those based on the NIST Risk Management Framework. Splunk can also help meet requirements on the Cybersecurity Framework and meet mandates like DFARS (based on NIST 800-171) for organizations — including aerospace and defense, federal system integrators, higher education institutions and others — who rely on funding or do business with the government. Splunk also helps demonstrate compliance for other mandates including PCI, HIPAA, CJIS and many others.


The Splunk platform helps organizations automate compliance by:

Improving Global End-to-End Visibility

Ingest and correlate data from any source across silos of operations for end-to-end visibility in real time. Progressively drill down into issues to identify and understand the root cause of non-compliance issues.

Looking Into the Past and the Future

Monitor both real-time and historical data to pinpoint issues and trends to get ahead of problems before they occur. Look back to identify when an issue first started.

Getting Ahead of Audits

Create dashboards and reports in minutes to satisfy auditor requests. Also enable self-reporting to eliminate costly and time-intensive audits.

Customizing Access

Deliver customized, on demand access to various stakeholders based on granular role-based control. Create automated alerts to identify behavior or role-based anomalies.

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