Improve Operational Efficiency

Manufacturers strive to optimize yield, performance and profit, but it can be difficult to gain operational visibility when faced with complex processes and multitudes of systems and sensors. Splunk software collects and analyzes IT and industrial data on a single platform to deliver real-time, operational insights across the organization and throughout manufacturing processes.

Splunk helps you:

  • Gain visibility into IT and manufacturing operations
  • Monitor performance and uptime of systems and applications
  • Rapidly troubleshoot issues in IT and industrial systems
  • Improve security posture across the entire organization
  • Gain insights into device, sensor and equipment performance
Customer Success Story

Splunk at iRhythm

iRhythm counts on Splunk to develop key business insights across its business from the development and manufacture of the Zio XT patch to keeping track of the massive amounts of big data the patches generate.

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Collect. Process. Deliver.

Splunk helps manufacturers gain visibility into IT and industrial data to help improve operational efficiency and quality, increase production yield and identify new product opportunities.

Visibility Into IT and Industrial Data

Break down operational silos by integrating industrial data.

Operational Efficiency

Correlate data to identify issues impacting performance, production yield and quality.

Improved Troubleshooting

Use Splunk to monitor and create rules for alerts on alarms from multiple systems.

Security and Compliance

Protect assets and demonstrate compliance with safety requirements and regulations.

Splunk Customers

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Customer Success Story

Splunk at Bosch

Bosch, a large German industrial company is using Splunk to optimize its systems and identify software and hardware issues, among other uses. Bosch plans to use Splunk to analyze the behavior of patients using its "Health Buddy" appliance.