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Understand the Impact of Code and Infrastructure Changes

Identify how planned and unplanned changes affect your environment. Address issues quickly to ensure performance of key customer transactions.

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Lack of visibility into key workflows means missed issues

SREs need to ensure performance of business critical workflows running in microservices for key user segments. When a planned or unplanned change takes place, existing monitoring solutions can make it difficult to know how it impacts the customer experience . As a result, issues get missed.


Zoom in on the traffic you care about

alert-on-business-priorities alert-on-business-priorities

Alert on business priorities

Tap into flexible, custom metrics that go beyond infrastructure and golden signals.

identify issues at a glance identify issues at a glance

Identify issues at a glance

Route the problem to the right team with just a glance at the red dot in the Service Map.

Troubleshoot with shared context Troubleshoot with shared context

Troubleshoot with shared context

Have all the relevant data at your fingertips for super fast troubleshooting.

filter for the traffic you care about

Filter for the traffic you care about

With Business Workflows, group together any combination of microservices that align to key business functions (such as checkout or login). Then simply click to see how these functions perform for any user segment.

isolate which service is at fault when there's an issue

Isolate which service is at fault when there’s an issue

Use the Service Map and Tag Spotlight to zoom in on the performance of key workflows that impact segments of important traffic. Then, when the change occurs color coding shows which service caused an issue.

Get fast troubleshooting with shared context

With Infrastructure Monitoring or logs-in-context, Splunk brings together all the traces together with infrastructure metrics and all the logs that are relevant to the issue that’s being investigated and filters out the data that’s not relevant. 

Splunk captures all the logs, metrics and traces in a way that allows us to understand any event across our platform, so we can ask questions and get answers.

Matt Coddington, Senior Director of DevOps Engineering,
get fast troubleshooting


Business visibility for any environment and tech stack

Empowering engineers to conquer cloud complexity and deliver business value as they move faster.

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