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451 Research: The Right Observability Tool Improves Customer Experience, and the Bottom Line

Application performance has always been important. Uncertain market conditions and the accelerated shift to digital business have elevated performance to be a top imperative for most organizations. Survey data from industry analyst firm 451 Research indicates that end-users are remarkably sensitive to application and service performance: 75% of people are either very likely or somewhat likely to abandon a brand because of slow or buggy performance.

In this way, poor application performance has a direct impact on revenue, yet DevOps and operations professionals responsible for dynamic, distributed applications find that ensuring the high level of performance that users demand is harder than ever. According to 451 Research, organizations require Observability tools to meet these challenges, allowing them to collect a variety of granular data and flexibly explore the data in order to discover and solve performance problems.

Download a complimentary copy of 451 Research’s Business Impact Brief, The Right Observability Tool Improves Customer Experience, and the Bottom Line, to learn:

  • Why protecting customer experience is more important than ever
  • How an Observability tool can help you tackle the challenges of increasingly complex and distributed environments while making your developers more productive
  • The benefits an Observability tool can bring to delivering a great customer experience and strengthening the bottom line

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