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Top 5 SIEM Trends to Watch in 2022

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Security incident and event management (SIEM) technology has been around for years, with the core capabilities of the platform dating back to over a decade ago. Since then, SIEM solutions have evolved from a log management tool into an information platform, with demands from the enterprise driving much of the SIEM market.

Many of the newer capabilities now offered on the market are a significant driving force behind the adoption of software like Splunk SIEM. The Gartner Magic Quadrant (SIEM MQ) highlights this growing set of criteria for customers and vendors alike, covering everything from risk-based monitoring and response to cloud and app security to options in deployment architecture.

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  • Cloud and app security will continue to be a top priority.
  • There will be a greater focus on risk-based alerts.
  • Insider threats will be easier to identify and respond to.

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