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From Problem Detection to Resolution in Minutes with Splunk’s Observability Suite

Have you spent hours looking through metric, trace, and log data on disjointed monitoring tools? Did you waste time firefighting to identify and solve issues, leading to blind spots, long outages and siloed communication? To help address these monitoring challenges we created Splunk’s Observability Suite, which makes it easy to go from problem detection to resolution in minutes.

This Tech Talk will show you how one seamless workflow can be used during the whole life cycle of issues for monitoring, troubleshooting, investigation and resolution. Whether you’re a frontend developer who needs to know what end customers are experiencing, a backend developer building the most performant APIs and services or an SRE who’s frequently on call, Splunk’s Observability Suite helps you get the context-rich insight you need to collaborate with the people who can quickly resolve outages.

In this video you'll learn:

How to easily troubleshoot an issue with Splunk Observability Suite Other important Observability use cases to help improve your monitoring How to leverage two new products, Splunk RUM and Splunk Log Observer in your workflow