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Upstream to Downstream: Turn Manufacturing Data from SAP into Doing

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The digitization of manufacturing requires a new approach to supply chain optimization and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, including SAP. It’s not easy to see what’s happening in an SAP environment, much less gain insight into what’s going to happen. That’s why manufacturers need predictive, prescriptive and real-time insights across diverse and large-scale SAP environments.

Manufacturers are turning to Splunk for its ability to provide modern IT service management with end-to-end, predictive health monitoring across complex and dynamic environments. 

Read Upstream to Downstream: Turn Manufacturing Data from SAP into Doing to learn about:

  • The advantages of Splunk for manufacturing organizations
  • The One Dashboard Model so you can monitor business performance and analyze SAP KPIs in one view
  • How 3M reduced MTTD by 80-90% for critical focus areas and MTTR by 70-80%
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