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Splunk User Behavior Analytics

Protect against unknown threats with user and entity behavior analytics.



Detect threats and anomalous behavior using machine learning


Advanced threat detection

Discover abnormalities and unknown threats that traditional security tools miss.

Boost productivity

Automate stitching of hundreds of anomalies into a single threat to simplify incident investigations.


Accelerate threat hunting

Use deep investigative capabilities and powerful behavior baselines on any entity, anomaly or threat.


Find unknown threats using machine learning

Enhance visibility and improve detection of known, unknown and hidden cyberattacks and insider threats.

dw-bi-analytics dw-bi-analytics

Streamlined threat workflow

Reduce billions of raw events to tens of threats for quick review and resolution. Use machine learning algorithms to help identify hidden threats without human analysis.

Data streaming Data streaming

Threat review and exploration

Visualize threats over a kill chain to gain context. Anomalies are stitched together across users, accounts, devices and applications so you can clearly see attack patterns.

digital-experience-monitoring digital-experience-monitoring

User feedback learning

Customize anomaly models based on your organization’s processes, policies, assets, user roles and functions. Get granular feedback to improve confidence in threat severity and detection.

detecting-network-abuse detecting-network-abuse

Kill chain detection and attack vector discovery

Detect lateral movement of malware or malicious insider proliferation. See behavior-based irregularities or pinpoint botnet or C&C activity.

acquia background acquia background


Keeping Markets Moving: Splunk and NASDAQ

Splunk UBA is giving us deep insight into our insider threat and what our trusted users are doing at any given instant. 

Martin Luitermoza, Associate Vice President, NASDAQ


Splunk ES and Splunk UBA join forces


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