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Retail innovation demands digital resilience

Retail is evolving—radically. Modernizing stores, building omnichannel journeys and fighting fraud with technology that works 24/7/365.

Boost digital resilience to win customer trust in retail

Real outcomes for retail customers

3x faster
faster threat response times
94% faster
mean time to resolution (MTTR)
Rent the Runway
0 downtime
during 30% surge in online traffic

Detect and respond to fraud and threats faster

Retailers’ doors are always open to customers, but bad actors can enter too.

Secure distributed retail and selling ecosystems, including legacy systems and cloud-native services, as well as third-party and custom applications.


Keep digital store systems up and running

Stores are the lifeblood of retail. As digital experiences grow, they need always-on reliability and security.

Accelerate digitization of in-store operations while modernizing store infrastructure such as point of sale, payment systems and applications. Improve experiences, increase brand loyalty and reduce the cost of sales.


Power resilient, secure shopper experiences

Customers expect digital interactions to work, all the time. Any downtime directly impacts the bottom line.

Get a complete view into digital content across all channels to build new services faster and move from reactive to proactive issue resolution.


Accelerate supply chain strategies and improve performance

Customers want what they want, when they want it.

Boost visibility into supply chain systems to improve product flow, resilience and scalability, uncover shipping inefficiencies and deliver on customer expectations.

Advance Supply Chain Resilience

See what’s hot in the era of AI for retail

Partnerverse planet

Visit the Splunk Partnerverse to learn how we make retail resilient

Splunk partner AIOPSGROUP’s monitoring solution ingests data from Salesforce Commerce Cloud into Splunk to give PUMA insight into failed sessions and orders. Now, PUMA can detect order issues in 15 minutes, down from hours.

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