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White Paper

The SIEM RFP: New Questions for New Times

With organizations experiencing hundreds of web-based malicious attacks every week, it’s no wonder there is the saying “there are only two types of companies: ones who’ve had a data compromise and ones that will.” If security teams want to prevail when attacks come, they need a SIEM solution that allows them to think like attackers and more, respond as if an attacker were already inside their network.

Today’s hackers are highly creative and often know a lot about an organization’s network and regular practices before launching an attack. For instance, hackers can often make highly educated guesses at your firewall structure, your A/V protection and even what your patch schedules are – including top vulnerabilities.

Register for your complimentary copy of The SIEM RFP: New Questions for New Times to learn about:

  • Set up as many customizable data views as needed to uncover hidden issues
  • Search data to reveal complex patterns
  • Drill down to find a single record buried in terabytes of data

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