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A Vision For Data-Driven Government

There is no doubt that we have entered the data age, and this will impact government as much as the commercial industry. The amount of data that governments deal with and generate will increase significantly over the next few years, but this will present us with an opportunity to understand our citizens better and improve service and policy delivery.

Our “A Vision for Data-Driven Government” white paper proposes a holistic government data platform, driven by a shared real-time public sector data fabric that enables insight-driven policy making for efficient public services and improved social value for citizens.

Download your copy of our white paper and:

A Vision For Data-Driven Government
  • Learn about common barriers to Governments’ data usage
  • Delve into Splunk’s vision for a Data-Driven Government, a real-time ‘window’ into the government’s current data
  • Understand the benefits of this approach, from cost reductions to better service delivery for citizens

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