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Elevate Your Security Program with Splunk and Tenable 

Tenable is a strategic vulnerability management partner of Splunk’s. Splunk and Tenable have integrated their industry-leading security analytics and operations and exposure management solutions, respectively, to enable security teams to accurately and rapidly detect, investigate and respond to cyber attacks, while effectively managing exposure risk. 

Splunk and Tenable help organizations confidently assess and proactively improve the state of their attack surface based on business risk. Security teams that leverage the integrated solution can achieve the following–all within a unified Security Operations Center (SOC) workflow:

  • Gain complete visibility to detect and respond to vulnerabilities and cyber attacks 
  • Enrich security context with centralized IT and OT vulnerability data for accurate risk assessment and rapid incident investigations
  • Discover hosts that were previously unknown to Splunk
  • Respond faster to most critical vulnerabilities with Predictive Prioritization
  • Utilize Adaptive Response Actions with Splunk Enterprise Security

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