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Elevate your Security Program with Risk-based Vulnerability Management using Splunk and Tenable

The strategic partnership between Splunk and Tenable merges the best of both worlds, taking Splunk’s Data-to-Everything Platform combined with Tenable’s risk-based vulnerability management insights to elevate an organization's security awareness and tie vulnerability context to event data.

Tenable provides a comprehensive risk-based vulnerability management solution that enables you to determine the cyber exposure of your IT, cloud and OT assets along with your Active Directory misconfigurations, everywhere, at all times. With Tenable, you can see every asset and vulnerability across your entire attack surface, predict which vulnerabilities attackers are most likely to exploit in the near future and act on what matters most.

The Tenable partnership brings a multitude of integrations for Splunk, including Splunk Enterprise, Splunk SOAR, and is the the first VM vendor to integrate with Splunk Mission Control. All compatible with Splunk’s Common Information Model (CIM), the combined solution helps security teams to better correlate events, take action on flaws and meet compliance standards.

  • Improve security investigations with Tenable’s vulnerability insights.
  • Centralize vulnerability alerting and reporting to get the latest information during an investigation.
  • Utilize Tenable’s award winning Vulnerability Priority Rating (VPR) to zero in on investigating the vulnerabilities that matter most.
  • Automate closed-loop remediation with targeted rescan of assets to ensure assets are remediated.

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