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Splunk and Zscaler Utilize Data and Zero Trust to Eradicate Threats

Splunk and Zscaler have partnered to deliver a superior, Zero Trust approach to security. Our tightly integrated, best-of-breed cloud security and security analytics platforms deliver a cloud experience for the modern, cloud-first enterprise.

Zscaler replaces traditional networking and security architecture, creating a true Zero Trust Architecture that eliminates unnecessary exposure and provides rich telemetry and increased visibility for security operations. With Zscaler, users and entities are given a secure and direct connection to the applications they need - and only those. This direct-to-cloud architecture allows security teams to ensure that policy is being applied across every transaction, and they get additional insight into the behavior of users, data, and apps.

Splunk provides centralized log ingestion and analytics to monitor and correlate activities across the entire security environment. Splunk takes Zscaler logs, analyzes them and gives the customer a better understanding of what’s happening in their environment.

  • Reliable integration with Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) cloud-to-cloud log Streaming and Splunk Cloud. Simplify security operations by providing actionable data within Splunk, reducing the need to pivot across product consoles during investigations.
  • Detailed dashboards and reporting for all Zscaler products using Zscaler Nanolog Streaming and Log Streaming services with the Zscaler App for Splunk
  • Faster, more robust analytics with Splunk Enterprise Security, Risk Based Alerting (RBA) and User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA).
  • API-level integration with Splunk Phantom enables automation and orchestration within Zscaler and mitigates the proliferation of threats.

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