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A Guide to Embracing a Zero Trust Security Model in Government

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Public sector organizations are only as resilient as their digital systems. While digital transformation allows agencies to reap many benefits, the dissolution of the traditional enterprise perimeter opens new avenues for cyber threats and expands the attack surface.

So how can federal agencies stay ahead of the latest threats and meet new mandates while reaping the rewards of digital transformation?

Download your complimentary copy of “A Guide to Embracing a Zero Trust Security Model in Government” to explore:

  • The Biden Administration's directive to federal agencies to pivot to a zero trust architecture.
  • Five key issues raised by the rapid shift to cloud, hybrid and multicloud.
  • Why the DoD asserts that a “never trust, always verify” mindset is critical to achieving cyber resiliency.

The bottom line? The time has come for federal agencies to modernize their security operations, fortify networks and apply available expertise to become more informed and prepared for the next cyberattack.

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