Real-Time Visibility for Industrial Data and IT

IT and industrial control systems, smart meters and sensors generate a massive amount of complex and unstructured machine data that contains a gold mine of information. With Splunk software you can harness machine data to determine everything from operational health to the security posture of your infrastructure.

Splunk can help you:

  • Monitor the health of your assets and systems in real time
  • Protect critical infrastructure from cybersecurity threats
  • Streamline NERC compliance reporting
  • Gain real-time insights from sensors, devices and industrial systems like SCADA
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Provider of energy intelligence software, EnerNOC, is using Splunk® Enterprise to integrate its development and operations teams for rapid, agile releases of new solutions and functionalities. EnerNOC customers are now able to access their energy usage data with an exceptional user experience, great performance and 99.999 percent reliability.

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Secure. Efficient. Responsive.

The Splunk platform can help energy and utilities organizations become smarter, more efficient and more productive by providing real-time insights into their overall operations.

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Operational Efficiency

Use the data produced by sensors, devices and processes to generate insights into operations, availability and capacity.
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Rapid Troubleshooting

Having all the data in one place provides the visibility to take mean time to recovery (MTTR) from hours or days to minutes.
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Critical Infrastructure Protection

Use Splunk software to monitor all of your data to help prevent security threats and streamline compliance reporting in real time.
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Business Analytics

Drive better business and IT decisions around capacity planning, customer usage and system performance.

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