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Energy and Utilities

More drilling down, less screwing up

Real-Time Visibility for Industrial Data and IT

IT and industrial control systems, smart meters and sensors generate a massive amount of complex and unstructured machine data that contains a gold mine of information. With Splunk software, you can harness machine data to determine everything from operational health to the security posture of your infrastructure.
With Splunk you can:
  • Monitor the health of your assets and systems in real time
  • Protect critical infrastructure from cybersecurity threats
  • Streamline NERC compliance reporting
  • Gain real-time insights from sensors, devices and industrial systems like SCADA
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Cybersecurity For Energy

Minimize Downtime and Secure IT & OT Environments

Bridge the gap between IT and OT to gain a holistic view of security and protect your critical infrastructure from outside threats. Streamline compliance reporting for NERC CIP and other standards.

minimize-downtime minimize-downtime

Real Time Visibility

Improve Reliability of Your Critical Systems

Gain a unified view across multiple systems and data sources in real-time. Monitor SCADA/ICS health to ensure uptime and streamline incident management to reduce downtime.

real-time-visibility real-time-visibility

Optimize operations

Make the Right Decisions. Faster

Leverage analytics, machine learning and AI to gain insights from real-time and historical data sources. Use augmented reality and mobile experiences to deliver the right data to the right person at the right time and place.

optimize-operations optimize-operations
What can you do with Splunk?