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About Us

SURGe by Splunk, your trusted advisor for timely security research and guidance

Many organizations often look to Splunk as their first tool to monitor and investigate security incidents. SURGe by Splunk was developed to support security teams during the initial incident review of emerging threats. Made up of Splunk security experts, threat researchers, and advisors, SURGe is your trusted partner and advisor, providing technical response guides and contextual analyses in the form of research papers and webinars. These assets help assess the impact and provide situational awareness for security teams.

Together with SURGe, you can:

  • Supercharge your blue team with security experts and research-based content.
  • Improve operational processes with step-by-step guides.
  • And most importantly, strengthen defenses with an unparalleled, integrated system of security technologies in security analytics, automation, and threat intelligence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide appropriate context and timely recommendations on the latest global breaking security news for organizations to navigate incidents with confidence.

How SURGe works

To keep our customers protected, SURGe actively evaluates the latest CISA alerts to determine the level of impact and severity to Splunk customers and the broader security community. Based on our internal rubric scoring and direction from leadership, SURGe will create technical blogs and trusted security research to help organizations stay proactive in securing their business. We also know that it's important to be proactive. To help solve the threats of tomorrow, SURGe will release larger research projects using Splunk’s products and commonly used tools or partners.