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This page describes the capabilities included in the following cloud suite offering and what each unit of licensing metric entitles customers to consume in such capabilities.

Observability Cloud

Observability Cloud - SC

Observability Cloud (service limits per Host)

Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring Standard Edition

  • 10 Containers or serverless functions 
  • 100 Custom Metrics 
  • 10 High Resolution Metrics

Splunk Application Performance Monitoring Standard Edition

  • 10 Containers
  • 20 Monitoring MetricSets
  • 200 Troubleshooting MetricSets
  • 10.24 MB Trace Volume ingested per min

“Host” means a virtual machine or physical server with a dedicated operating system up to 64 GB of memory. Note: See Specific Hosted Services Terms at for definitions

Updated May 12, 2021