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State of DevOps: 6 Ways to Crush Your DevOps Strategy

December 13, 2018


We already know why DevOps matters, but how successful is your DevOps team? How effective are you at scaling DevOps across your business and improving app delivery performance?

Join us as we present survey findings from thousands of respondents and discuss best practices for successful DevOps teams.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The DevOps maturity journey
  • The critical foundation required for DevOps success
  • DevSecOps, and how it applies to your team

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AFCEA Bethesda's Health IT Day 2019

January 29 - January 30, 2019

Bethesda, MD | Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center

AFCEA Bethesda’s annual Health IT Day brings together more than 600 senior executives and IT professionals from across industry and federal agencies with healthcare initiatives. The goals of the program are to foster better interagency communication among key stakeholders, share lessons learned and best practices, identify mission-critical IT issues that strengthen program management, align the acquisition and budget process with the technology cycle, improve accountability and increase engagement with industry.

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