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Clear Up Your Event Storms With Event Analytics

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IT organizations are pressured to deliver an exceptional, 24/7 customer experience. But all too often they are asked to meet these needs using traditional, inflexible event management tools that are unable to scale with the growing business and provide visibility across the growing number of silos.

Modern IT teams look to event analytics to weather event storms. This interactive e-book talks about how event analytics switches the focus from merely managing events to finding and fixing what’s broken so IT teams have more time to really focus on more strategic tasks. In addition, you will find out how an Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) solution can use machine learning to go beyond and start predicting outages before they happen.

Download your copy of Clear Up Your Event Storms With Event Analytics to learn:

  • The advantages of AIOps and the key capabilities to look for in an AIOps solution
  • How modern organizations like Leidos and ENGIE Global Markets are taking advantage of event analytics
  • More about Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) and how it’s event analytics capabilities can help modern IT clear up their event storms

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