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Greater Visibility for Accelerated Outcomes

Organizations today are undergoing digital transformation more quickly than expected, increasing the rate at which businesses create and need data. From reducing downtime and lowering security risks to driving apps to a faster time to market, organizations large and small need real-time visibility across all channels to achieve success. Ernst & Young LLP EY and Splunk partner closely to help customers accelerate their digital journey. With innovative solutions and unique services for security, IT and DevOps, the joint EY and Splunk team helps companies reduce costs and increase productivity. The joint alliance brings:

  • Unique ability to translate the deluge of data into your business language and align it with your business strategy
  • Rapid prototyping of diverse sets of use cases from EY Innovation Center, reducing time from discovery to value
  • Cybersecurity threat-hunting to help scale security operations while improving compliance
  • Deep industry knowledge and experience to fuse finances, risk and operations in your business and drive a sector-focused strategy
  • Connected and scalable ecosystems of talent, local to your global teams, to provide support where and when you need it
EY Turns Data into Doing

Tony Pierce, the North American SIEM leader at Ernst & Young, explains how Splunk equips their security team to keep up with a continuously evolving threat landscape. Hear how they turn data into doing by using Splunk to make business-critical decisions and operationalize data.

EY Splunk-Related Services

Data analytics: Creating insight into a customer’s environment through data, from the supply chain to health care to security

SIEM: Providing data visibility to recognize and react to threats: health checks,
transformation and use case development

SOAR: Creating cyber intelligent automation through strategy, development and playbook implementation

Managed services: Accelerating and sustaining cybersecurity operations by providing a team of specialized cybersecurity practitioners

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Together, EY US and Splunk will help enterprises improve their view of data across their organizations and more quickly identify security threats for faster response to cyberattacks. These improved cybersecurity capabilities will help organizations improve their long-term value to their clients.

David Burg, EY Americas Cybersecurity Leader
Connecting the dots for security analysts

EY is a Big Four professional services firm that helps clients solve some of the most pressing business problems. With Splunk® Phantom, EY helps enterprises improve security and better manage risk by integrating processes and tools, and ultimately respond more quickly to security threats.

Solution Brief

Intelligent Cyber Automation

With intelligent cyber automation, companies can automate manual and repetitive processes to allocate more time to critical tasks.

Solution Brief

SIEM Methodology and Services

Improve response time to better manage costs and drive the maximum value out of your security information and event management (SIEM) investment.

Solution Brief

SOC in the Box

Security Operation Centers have various technologies that cause tool fatigue, impacting decisionmaking and resulting in increased MTTD and MTTR. Consolidate the tools across the enterprise via the EY SOC-in-the-Box to minimize redundancy and deliver a single pane of glass, improving operational efficiency and mitigating expenses.

What can you do with Splunk?