A Million Data Points—Splunkers Share Their Stories

The multifaceted personal and professional experiences of Splunkers is part of what makes Splunk a fun and fulfilling place to work. We share their stories here.


Video Transcript


I'm a man.

I'm a woman.

I'm white.

I am black.

I am biracial.

I am half Italian and half Japanese.

I am a father.

I am an awesome friend.

I'm a techie. [LAUGHS]

I'm a human being.

I am a cyclist.

I went to college on a basketball scholarship, but it was an engineering college.

I have a PhD in biomedical engineering.

I am a Marine.

I am not straight. [LAUGHS]

I am a lesbian and a mom.

Venezuela is going through a very difficult political situation at the moment.

I am a cancer survivor.

My native language is Arabic. I speak the Syrian dialect.



I'm adopted.

I sing opera.

I love sea turtles.

I believe in aliens.

I'm an animal lover.

I grew up in Lebanon. There was civil war. I grew up in the civil war.

My family were one of the original boat people who left Vietnam, so we were refugees.

My family didn't realize I was hearing, and I didn't really learn to speak until I was around five years old.


I am a veteran.

I am a United States Marine.

I am the chair of the Women in Technology group at Splunk.

What I drew is the Chinese version of our Splunk pony.


I'm a senior director of product management.

I am a product marketer.

I'm an administrative assistant.

I am the VP Engineering for Machine Learning and Incubation.

I am a million data points.


(IN UNISON) I am a million data points.

We are a million data points.