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Log Analytics for IT Troubleshooting

Get comprehensive visibility, at scale with Splunk Platform to accelerate innovation and IT troubleshooting in complex hybrid environments.



Complex technology landscapes cause data silos and tool sprawl

IT monitors, manages, and troubleshoots rapidly evolving complex technology landscapes. Disconnected data, tool sprawl and inefficient IT management workflows limit service visibility and slow down mean time to resolution. IT teams spend too much time reacting to issues instead of delivering impact.


Accelerate IT troubleshooting with Splunk Platform

omni-channel-customer-insight omni-channel-customer-insight

Holistic visibility

Visibility of machine data, logs, and events regardless of source.

detecting-network-abuse detecting-network-abuse

Accelerate mean time to detection

Fast and extensive issue investigation through the identification of emerging issues, deep root cause analysis, and rapid incident resolution.

machine-learning-analytics machine-learning-analytics

Machine learning and advanced analytics

Predictive alerting prevents outages from affecting end users.


Optimize resources with informed, data-driven decisions

Splunk helps ITOps teams gain efficiencies by automating routine and time-consuming tasks, and through Splunk’s custom dashboards and reports, these teams can reduce manual tasks while proactively analyzing custom scripts developed by their teams.

Read how Papa Johns was able to improve customer experiences.

Splunk’s sophisticated platform helps us measure the heartbeat of our system, connecting the dots between the millions of transactions going through our entire ecosystem

Sarika Attal, VP of Enterprise Architecture and Technology Services, Papa Johns

Drive digital resilience with Splunk AI

Apply machine learning to your data for actionable insights that inform faster, smarter decisions to drive digital resilience.

Discover how TransUnion streamlined their IT operations.

Understanding customer volume patterns is important for the business. If traffic falls outside of a certain range, an alert is created. Splunk machine learning allows us to investigate early to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Steve Koelpin, Lead Splunk Developer, TransUnion

Deliver business results with the help of end-to-end visibility

Replace siloed monitoring tools with Splunk’s data-agnostic platform to truly understand the health of your organization’s hybrid, multi-cloud environment.

Learn how McLaren accelerated Decision-Making With Real-Time Insights.

Splunk has helped transform our IT modernization journey, providing end-to-end visibility and reliable accessibility to secure data across our hybrid cloud environment, which enables us to control and make decisions faster, wherever the team is in the world.

Karen McElhatton, Group CIO, McLaren


The Unified Security and Observability Platform

The extensible data platform powers unified security, full-stack observability and limitless custom applications.

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Alert Noise Reduction

Reduce alert noise and unify monitoring, event, and incident management tools and processes in a centralized and data agnostic platform.

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Extend visibility from on-premises to the cloud

Shift to the cloud with confidence. Splunk provides comprehensive, analytics-driven hybrid IT infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting at enterprise scale.

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Get More out of Splunk with Splunkbase

Splunk Cloud Platform and Splunk Enterprise support 2,800 + applications that expand Splunk’s capabilities — all available for free on Splunkbase.

Learn more about IT Troubleshooting

IT operations (ITOps) teams are dealing with constantly changing and increasingly complex technical landscapes due to the acceleration of cloud transformation journeys. IT is responsible for monitoring, managing, and troubleshooting a rapidly evolving and complex environment; the hundreds of applications, servers, and virtual machines the average enterprise runs produces constant streams of data in disparate forms, and IT teams must find a way to consolidate and monitor them all. Organizations grapple with too many disparate systems and tools that create data silos, each monitoring a layer of the stack, but failing to see the system as a whole which inhibits the holistic visibility required to detect and resolve an incident, often swiveling between disparate views to conduct their analysis. In addition, when other tools are implemented, logs often roll off and expire prior to investigation, resulting in incomplete data.

When data isn’t shared between silos, complex interactions between infrastructure and app components go unnoticed. Utilizing disparate tools hinders ITOps teams’ ability to determine probable root causes of incidents. This leads to slow triage, redundant problems, and poor service experience.

The complexity and challenges that ITOps teams face stand in the way of utilizing a unified data set to achieve outcomes. ITOps teams need to support operational resilience mandates and initiatives, resolve production issues faster and more proactively, and optimize resources with informed, data-driven decision making.  To start this journey, they need to centralize structured and unstructured logs data for further analysis and insights. This is exactly what Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud Platform provide ITOps teams, a log management and analytics platform. Splunk’s Unified Security and Observability Platform, enables organizations so they can unlock innovation, enhance security, and drive business resilience.

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Drive digital resilience and accelerate IT troubleshooting with Splunk Platform.